Cubasele8 question concerning missing plugins

What happens when !!!“missing plugins”!!! shows up for third party plugins…I have all my plugins in a folder but every now and then that warning shows up…it also does it for the plugins from Steinberg…how do I find the missing plugin because it’s part of a project?

What third party plugins are you missing? What operating system are you on? What version and build Cubase LE8 are you running? When did the plugins stop showing in Cubase? Thank you.

Windows 10 (pc) laptop -8.0 10 Cubasele8 32 bit…just out a nowhere recently and the halicon ends up missing…I thought maybe it’s the type of program… maybe they aren’t available for certain styles of music (eg.rock hip-hop, metal etc.)I also have the 8.0 40 64bit version…I really don’t remember all of the third party plugins, one was called blue cat chorus…

Please update to 8.0.40 for both versions from

If Halion Sonic SE is still missing, I would suggest reinstalling Cubase LE. When you reinstall, be sure to choose the option to “Install for All Users”.

To add a third party plugin go to Devices, Plugin Manager, and click on the Settings button in the lower left corner, you will see your VST 2.x Plugin Paths. Add the specific folder path of your plugin (not the entire C drive, as that will cause a crash), then shut down and restart Cubase. Cubase will then rescan for any plugin it can load.

I managed to get some updates and had new plugins appear after the updates, that included halion&groove agent, but none of my third party plugins showed up after choosing a folder and then shutting down. .I’ll keep trying. …thanks

What third party plugins are they? Were you able to find the .dll versions of them? Have you verified with those manufacturers that you have their latest versions and licensing?

As I said one I know is blue cat chorus…there’s a note sustainer that I downloaded and won’t get discovered by cubase. .I mistakenly downloaded halion 3& halion 1, and I think I need a disk for them…both halion se and groove agent show up now…but when I click on the halion se insert bar the virtual halion se doesn’t show up on the screen… still gotta fish around I guess…like I told an other member, I’m 68 old and a newbie at this but if I read and fish around I can get by…as for updates I’ll get to that…thanks…

Halion 3 and Halion 1 have been discontinued for many years, so I would not suggest trying to use those with Cubase LE8 on Windows 10. If you are still having trouble, can you please post a screen shot of what you are seeing? That may give us more context on the issue.

Hi - I have Cubase LE8. I have googled up a few times around Groove Agent - is it true that whilst it is installed as part of the installation routine, it is not actually part of the LE8 product and that to get access to it I need to upgrade - to ?

Sorry for the delay, I missed your reply. Groove Agent SE4 is not included in LE8, it is included in Cubase Elements, Artist, and Pro. Thank you.

Hello everyone
I ask you a question:
In which folder to install the “instrument” folder provided with the “dll” file?
Thank you for your reply.

There is not a set folder that you need to use, you can functionally use any folder, as long as the only thing you have in it are VSTi’s .dll’s. Generally on PC I use a C Drive, Program Files, Steinberg, VST Plugins.