CubasePro9 - Generic Remote - MIDI CC - nanoKontrol(2010)

Hello All,

I have been trying to create a Generic Remote on Cubase Pro 9 using my Korg nanoKontrol(2010) for recording MIDI CC values.

I had used the learn function and assigned the Faders to Cubase; but I am not sure what needs to be selected in the Device, Channel/Category, Value/Action for my nanoKontrol faders to control them as below

Fader 1 - cc1 -Modulation
Fader 2 - cc2 -Breath Control
Fader 3 - cc11-Expression
Fader 4 - cc7-Main Volume
Fader 5 - cc21-Dynamics (Spitfire Instruments)

It would be great if you could help me on this.

Thank you.

PS: I am using Cubase Pro 9 on my Mac mini


I’m sorry, this is misunderstanding of Generic Remote concept. The Generic Remote is not here to convert incoming MIDI data to another MIDI data. Generic Remotes’ task is to convert incoming MIDI data to dedicated functions in Cubase. So you can trigger Start/Stop of Transport. Or you can call any function from Cubase menu. Or you can move Fader of dedicated track.