Cubases crashes while closing app

I remember I had similar problems with V12 when it came out. It was fixed with the first update. Hopefully they will address this, too (if it isn’t a third party plugin):

Cubase 13, Native Silicon mode, M1
Not every time, but often when I close the App, it crashes.

I attached the log report.
Cubase 13-2023-12-02-201652.ips (132.2 KB)

I used to get this issue when using JBridged VSTs. It would sometimes work but come up with a “sephamore already exists” error or just freeze after i press quit and i have to manually force quit. Likely it’s a VST issue.

Might be worth moving all your VSTs to a new folder that Cubase isn’t pathed to yet so that it effectivewly has no VSTs linked and try closing it then and seeing if it crashes still.

If not, VST issues!

I never used JBridge.
Testing is not easy as it happens not every time. Just sometimes.
I had the exact same thing with Cubase 12 (When they finally did the native silicon version). Perhaps this will be fixed with the next update.

Yeah thats fine, it was more a case of personal experience so was relating it to your issue i’ve had before and that the fix was to try to remove VSTs causing it to happen. Would still recommend my test though!