Cubase's Padshop in other hosts?

Hello! I was wondering if the included Padshop in the 6.5 update can be loaded in other hosts too or I would need to buy a separate Padshop license for this. Has anyone tried it?

Have you tried it?

No, I’m trying to decide if purchasing the update from 6 to 6.5, Padshop alone (as I use to work with Studio One too) or nothing at all.

Ah okay, well I have no other DAW but as far as I know I only have a VST3 version of Padshop, so the other DAW (wich one are you refering to?) must be VST 3 compatible.

-edit- You can try the version though…

Greetz Dylan.

Yes you are right, I could install the trial version, I didn’t think of it. Although it’s a bit of a hassle, if no one knows the answer I think I’ll send a pre-sales question to Steinberg.

As for Vst3 hosts, if I’m not mistaken currently Cubase/Nuendo, Studio One, FL Studio (yes!) and the free VstHost from Hermann Sleib can load Vst3 plugins. I have Studio One V2 apart from Cubase 6.

On that page it says somewhere:

VST 3 compatible host application support

It’s a bit fuzzy, they could be a little more specific about it. Like only compatible with Cubase or compatible with other DAWS.

Totally off topic, but did you play around with it?
I mean I do a lot of electronic stuff and composing for games, but this synth is so boring to me.
It doesn’t sound Hi-end at all, From the discription you’d expect these grand epic soundscapes, but they are not grand and Epic at all.
If you make dark electronic music like massive attack or something it could be worth while, but for professional sounddesigning it is just not good enough.
Wich is okay, I mean it’s 50 euro’s :slight_smile:

So definately try it out first is my suggestion!

Greetz Dylan.

Yeah, not epic at all. Mostly for secondary pads and dark bell sounds. I’m taking a look at it because I think it could combine well with ethereal voices and things like that (and it’s cheap).

I guess my issue is all about the license of the Padshop that comes with the Cubase 6.5 update versus the license of Padshop when purchased individually: the included synths in Cubase can’t be used outside Cubase. I was wondering if this one is an exception (as it’s also sold separately) and thus can be used in Studio One (that is Vst3 compatible) too.

If it can’t be used outside Cubase maybe I will skip 6.5 and wait until 7 is released.

From the presonus forum:

Thanks! It’s clear that Padshop (purchased separately) works in Studio One. I wonder if it would also work inside it if I buy the upgrade to Cubase 6.5 instead.

Maybe it is tied to Cubase as the rest of Cubase’s synths. They cannot be used in another host.