Cubase's pitch algorithm?

When I try to change pitch(transpose) of an instrument sample (saxophone, drum loops) with Elastique Pro, efficient, or standard, I get this weird, jittery result.
It glitches the hell out of the original sample. And I’m not talking about big jumps from 1 to 8 tones. It’s just one semitone, and it still does that.

Now, I bring the same sample to my FL Studio, and it sound clean and stable. No problem.

Anyone know why Cubase’s pitch control sucks?

There are several Elastique Pro algorithms for different tasks in cubase. Maybe you have used the timestretch algorithm instead of the pitch algorithm. Easiest way to pick the best algorithm for your task, is in the info line (right click on the info line and activate the algorithm field).

Which cubase version do you use? Cubase 8.5 has the latest elastique version 3 by zplane, which sounds great.

If I changed the pitch with Elastique Timestretch activated, it won’t let me change pitch, because it’s not a pitch algorithm. So, basically, I’ve tried everything on that list.

And, I don’t think it matters with the version of Cubase because apparently, Fl Studio did it better even before Elastique was introduced.

Would you post some examples? Same sounds processed with FL vs Cubase. I’m curious, because I’ve never used or even seen FL Studio.