Cubases Project Exists, but all work is gone

I have been working on a project for 2 weeks now. The project loads but now all of the work is gone. The imported sound files are in the pool. All of my cuts, fade in/outs, volume changes, time stretches … all are gone. Is there an automatic backup anywhere of any previous day’s work? Is there a way that I can create new saves at breakpoints?

I looked on “My Ipad” and found the Cubase Folder. clicked inside and the folders within have a folder called BACKUP but that folder had 2 backups and both were from today where I am trying to clean up this mess and both ‘backups’ have nothing in the backup projects either.

Hi Travis,
You say you have been working on a project for 2 weeks,

  1. In all that time did your project you were working on load correctly each time?
  2. Can you remember if you have done anything differently since it last opened correctly?
  3. Have you renamed your most recent project version and accidentally opened the previous version?
  4. Have you accidentally saved your project in a different folder? (I have done this a few times and it took me weeks to eventually find it!)
  5. Has Cubasis crashed during a project session, if so, this could be the reason all your edits disappeared, I have experienced this in the past, so each time before I make any major changes I duplicate the project just to be safe, working on the duplicate version.

Your Cubasis 3 folder resides in Files/On My iPad, the projects automatically back up to this folder, unfortunately they don’t backup to iCloud.
These questions may seen unnecessary, but they could provide an answer :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope this helps

Is the “undo” history also wiped?

  1. Yes, it always loaded correctly. The changes I made before were available the next time that I opened.

  2. I cannot think of anything that I did differently. I years of experience with DAWs and computer use, in general. This is my first time with iPAD recording program and I am kind of feeling my way through this.

  3. I did not try renaming when I reached a point of many changes. On Cubase, I just hit SAVE AS and give it a version number. Here I’m not certain of the procedure yet. I only have 2 projects so far.

  4. I usually just close the cover after swiping upward to leave the screen/program.

  5. I have not had any crashes nor any reason to restart the iPad. I have not used/setup iCloud so I expect everything to stay on iPAD. (M1 , gen 3).

and for CJ - oddly enough the undo history was wiped. I would have that it stayed in place. But I’m new to the iPad experience.

My hope (and this may sound strange) is that once Europeans are allowed to load any program that they wish (sideloading) - that Cubase goes iPAD. And people in the US bellyache and sue APPLE to the point that even in the US we can run Cubase on an iPAD.

Until I last this work, I was loving using this to sketch out ideas, practice guitar silently, etc. This has been easier to put into use than a laptop with all the dongles / extra storage drives that have to be plugged in when I’m in full production mode. This has been better than when I got my first FOSTEX cassette recording system… sorry for rambling.

What you experienced by loosing your work is something that happens when Cubasis crashes, I’ve had this problem a couple of times. CJ suggested checking the UNDO tab (long press for whole list) but in the case of a crash - this is also wiped.
I had a problem with Synthmaster 2 loosing its midi mappings every time I used it, I would have to reload the mappings from a saved file, this was a constant problem, the developer told me that Synthmaster was actually “crashing” the instant the app was closed, maybe this is happening to you with Cubasis, but I wouldn’t have thought so.
This definitely sounds like a problem for the Cubasis team to solve.
Have you tried starting a new project, followed by closing Cubasis then relaunch and reloading your project, is everything there?
There are more questions than answers…….sound like a good song title :face_with_peeking_eye: am I really that old :scream:

Thanks for the explanation. This problem may be something no one thinks about, when I close (improperly) by just swiping up, the work is technically “NOT” saved since it is running in the background… I looked up “How To Properly Close Ipad Programs” and that showed me what I was doing wrong (and showed how many concurrent programs that I was running). I would never really know if Cubasis “crashed” IF it crashed in the background and just started up when I hit the icon to open it…

Uhm no… after any change you make, no matter how miniscule, Cubasis saves, so how you close the app shouldnt affect anything…

Hi CJ,
You are absolutely right, I explained my experiences with Cubasis crashes but considering Travis never noticed any crashes and was unable to pin point any particular event that may have corrupted his project file, the only solution I came up with was the instant crashing problem with Synthmaster 2 on shutdown, as I mentioned, this is something for the Cubasis team to sort out, but Travis may have Analytic data history of events leading up this problem.

If you open your settings app and select Privacy & Security/Analytics & Improvements/Analytic Data, scroll down the list and look for any Cubasis logs, make a note of the date and check if this corresponds with Cubasis loosing the project data.

I’m showing Cubasis3.wakeups_resource-2024-02-06-0824… and that was about the time that I noticed everything gone. I clicked on the line and it led me to another page loaded with data.

Ok, Lars will eventually reply to your problem and ask for these analytics, so first open your Files app, create a new folder and title it Cubasis Analytics.
Next tap on the Cubasis Wake-Up data file in Analytics, tap the share icon and select Save To Files/Cubasis Analytics (your folder). Do this for all the Cubasis analytics. When completed, open the Files app, long press the Cubasis Analytics folder you created and tap Compress, this zipped file can be attached when asked to do so.

Hi @Travis_McGaha

Your topic has been shared with our engineering.
Please await our response.

Best wishes,

Hi @Travis_McGaha

Could you please share the project with us, to allow our engineers evaluating the topic?

To do so, please enable “Share Undo History” (located under Setup/Project) first, and share the project via using the similarly named button afterwards.

Please upload the project via Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar, and let me have the download link via private message.

Of course, it may be of help to share crash reports and all other related information with the team too.