Cubases VST Plug Ins Folder

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Sorry if this has already been answered in previous post.

I have just recently set up my new pc with 3 1tb Drives and with Cubase 7 installed on the system drive as per usual. I’m about to install some VST plugins but not sure whether they should be installed on the default c drive or create a differant folder on another drive to install the VSTs. Some posts i’ve read say that Cubased runs much more smoothly and efficiently if VSTs are not installed on the system drive.

Any advice/information would be greatly appreciated.

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Vst plug-ins are installed to your c drive In vst plug-ins
you will find some install in Steinberg vst plug-ins folder.usually you can point installers to where you want the plugins dll file to go.

What your probably referring to are vst instrument sound files.
Your system will run more efficiently if the sounds for them are installed to a different hdd or ssd than your operating system and in the best case have one for recording audio to and a third one for vsti sounds.

As you have three drives you should do that.

Another little tip I was advised to do buy scan was to partition my sample drive to the first 20% and put as many sound files in that as this apparently is the fastest part of the hdd.

Also when installing cubase in the options you can point the Steinberg vsti’s sound files to where you want them too.

Thanks for your reply on this this. I will configure my pc in the way you suggest as this does make sense and confirms what a few other users have suggested.

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Can anyone instruct me or provide a link to a website that shows how to do this. I notice when I go into program files there are a few vst folders. 'M not sure to move them all to my 3rd drive or if it should only be certain vst folders.

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You don’t need to move any of the plugins themselves. They take up basically no space and are better left where they were originally installed (on your OS drive).

Since you don’t mention which VSTs you are dealing with, it’s hard to give suggestions.

If you are using plugins with large sample libraries you can usually install/relocate the sample content to a different drive.

Many thanks for reply Steve. This is very helpful