Cubaset Artist 7: Halion Sonic SE problem


I recently installed my Cubase Artist 7 on a new computer, but something is wrong with Halion Sonic SE. It won’t load, and when I check the plug-in information, the file it points to use is cubase7.exe, which doesn’t seem right. It is the same with another non-Steinberg plug I installed, it points to cubase7.exe instead of predator.dll. So, is there any way of changing which files the plugins use? In plug-in information I can’t change anything. I have many projects using these plugins and they obviously won’t load since the plugins points to the file cubase7.exe.

Any help greatly apprecatiated.


Just reinstall everything.

I’ve reinstalled Rob Papen Predator three times, it always ends up saying it will use Cubase7.exe. I realize this is not a forum for my Predator plugin, but even if I reinstall Cubase, there is no way for me to know that Halion will not end up pointing to Cubase7.exe. Reinstalling means hours of work, is there really no way to just change the file the plug uses?

I’m not sure what I did to (almost) make it work, but I removed all the plug in paths, quit Cubase, started Cubase, added them again, quit Cubase, started Cubase, and voila there was at least my Predator plug with the right path. Halion wasn’t even there, but on the Cubase CD I found the msi-file to just install Halion, so I did that and it was installed with the right path. The problem now is that the Halion Content msi file won’t work, it’s looking for contents on the CD that isn’t there. So, basically what I have now is Halion without any sounds. Maybe the work around with installing the Halion msi just wasn’t the right way to go?

Solved. I put in the Cubase DVD and for Halion there was the option to “upgrade”, which means it was never installed properly. I “upgraded”, and voila, it worked. Also manged to fix my other plugin problem.