Cubasis 1.1 available now!

Hi all,

Cubasis 1.1 is available now and includes full Audiobus support! Audiobus was the most requested feature when we launched Cubasis 1.0. :slight_smile:
“Cubasis has truly one of the best Audiobus implementations that I know of.”
Sebastian Dittmann, Audiobus developer

Apart from the Audiobus implementation many user reported problems were solved.
Here is the list of all the user reported solved issues:

Virtual keyboard

    • The right keyboard handle can’t be moved if no instrument is selected.


    • Switching insert effects on or off in the mixer does not update the status in the inspector.
  • Toggling or adding a send effect doesn’t affect playing events.


    • Available voices differ slightly from the chosen polyphony setting.


    • Glueing overlaying events may occasionally lead to a shortened event length.


    • Notes of minimal length are not played correctly
  • Notes with a length of 1 tick are not always played back correctly.
  • Overlapping notes are sometimes not triggered correctly.
  • The CoreMIDI output connections are unstable.


    • The app is sometimes rendered unreliable after adjusting the attack or release of an instrument.
  • Sometimes instruments are not loaded after undo.


    • Switching from mono to stereo input when recording with the internal iPad microphone leads to distorted tracks.
  • It is not possible to record the pitch-wheel in overdub mode onto an existing track.
  • Removing or connecting headphones during a recording leads to incorrect event sizes.


    • The metronome volume is not independent and is affected by the master channel volume of the mixer.
  • The metronome sound is affected by the effects that have been inserted into the master channel.


    • Cancelling a mixdown worked unreliable.
  • The transparent overlay of the Mixdown popup window does not span the whole MediaBay.


    • The Help section of the app was revised.

The update is available free of charge from the App Store.

Good work. I was hoping Cubasis would implement AudioBus in a much better way - sounds like it will. Thanks :smiley:

Sounds good as a bug fixing update. Had hope Steinberg might squeeze in midi clock and some midi C&C automation which would have added a lot of value to the Audiobus integration and offered an option that Auria currently can’t match.

Still gives us midi and Audiobus which has got to be a good thing and I’m intrigued to see what’s so good about the implimentation of AB in comparison to say Multitrack DAW?

Nice. Installed with no errors. Did a quick Audiobus test. So far so good. Shame it is after 1:AM here. Keep us the good work.

Couple of quick requests for future features.

  • lock a track. Would be nice to lock a track down so fat fingers don’t move any samples.
  • duplicate a track. Since the FX mix sliders have no value, it would be nice just to duplicate the whole track so all the settings are there as on a previous track. Or…
  • add numerical value to the mix sliders for The FX.

Try it out a bit Good so far on the bus, auto lock for track would be nice.looking forward to next update,hope it’s sooner than we expect.
Once more Thanks for the AudioBus update, well appreciated.

Now THAT is how to implement AudioBus. Superb!!

Thank you for your feedback guys!

Thanks Steinberg team. This just works.


just played a little with the update and DM1, SoundPrism Pro and JamUp Pro.
Maybe it’s a limitation of AudioBus or I don’t get it - is there a way to sync Apps like DM1 oder JamUp with the tempo chosen in Cubasis? Especially for DM1 this would be cool. Maybe I just didn’t see it?

However - it’s just great to record my Epi Casino through JamUp right into Cubasis :smiley:

AudioBus support - BRILLIANT :slight_smile:

I don’t think midi clock out has been implemented yet which is a shame as this would have been really useful with AB and drum machine Apps in particular. It would also have covered Cubasis current inability for you to use your own samples on the drum pads.

Thank you guys, that is a great implementation and has made a huge impact of not having to paste files around the place!

Looking forward to spending many hours being more constructive and enjoying the workflow :slight_smile:

I know you will have a nice organised development list for the app, but thought it was worth casting my vote for

Midi CC automation
Midi clock
Folder creation / management in Media > Audio (or ability to browse project specific audio folders)

Media > Audio > Sort by Date created … Currently sorting by 1st character in date string rather than actual date