Cubasis 1.4.1 hotfix available now!


This update solves two serious problems:

  • Audio files were duplicated and moved into the trash folder after the application start.
  • Playback resulted in silence if pre-roll was activated and the playhead was positioned at song start.

Thanks for the fixes. Shouldn’t we be expecting a further update 1.5 with new features soon?

Hi PhilW,

Yes, after 1.4 comes 1.5. :wink: More details about 1.5 will come soon. :mrgreen:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Will the 1.5 have the possibilty to MUTE single MIDI EVENTS inside a Region (pianoRoll editor) on it ?

Please do !

Kind regards


Hi how do I get the fix on my I pad?

I have 1.41 but cannot find new features like drum kits and soft synth or instrument rack as advertised in App Store
Is this a mistake?

Hello pipo79,

sorry, I can’t find the unanswered question that you are referring to.

You can find official information about the features of the 1.5 update in this thread The correct features of the 1.4.1 update are posted in the beginning of this thread.

Kind regards,

Hello Frieder,
the question is 3 or 4 posts above - maybe it works with this link ?

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information about the content of the update can be found in this thread Sorry, the possibility to mute single MIDI-events will not be included in this version. But this item is on our feature request list.

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