Cubasis 1.4 available now!


Besides new MIDI functionality this updates features many workflow improvements that will let you work faster with Cubasis. We have also fixed many user reported problems making Cubasis a more robust app.
Here is the complete information about the new features as well as fixed user reported problems. Among many fixes, this update solves the issue of the screen getting darker as well as undo related problems.

New Features

  • MIDI clock support (sends clock, start, continue, stop).
  • MIDI thru support (located in inspector’s MIDI connections tab).
  • Recording mode menu for punch in/out, pre-roll and count in (located in the toolbar).
  • Interactive piano-roll in key editor (touching the keys will trigger the corresponding sound).
  • Improved key editor workflow (many new tools added to the key editor).
  • Drag & drop files from the Mediabay into the arranger or the trash.

Key Editor improvements

  • The keys in the piano-roll now can be triggered.
  • Piano-roll keys visually correspond to tapped MIDI notes and playback of MIDI parts.
  • Crosshair cursor support when drawing notes.
  • Grid follows snap settings.

Audio Editor improvements

  • Tapping the ruler in the audio editor allows to toggle the display between bars and beats and seconds.
  • Split tool can now be used for edits in the audio editor.

Arrange window improvements

  • Double tap on an empty area between the locators in the arrangement creates an empty MIDI event.
  • Double tap on an empty area in the track list creates a new track.
  • The looped area is highlighted in the arrangement when cycle mode is activated.
  • Long press on left or right locator allows to move locators with locked distance.
  • Long press on a selected event/s allows to set locators to a selection.
  • Locators follow snap setting.


  • The draw and select tool are automatically deactivated after its usage.
  • The default value of send reverb mix level in project templates has been set to 50%.
  • Moving a fader in the mixer resets its clipping indicator.
  • CPU meter displays total CPU usage of the device.
  • A new low quality waveform display option for reducing the CPU load can be selected in the setup window.
  • Performance improvement for MIDI drum tracks.
  • Audiobus connection panel placement option added to the setup window.
  • Instruments can now be loaded with a single tap.
  • Project templates can now be loaded with a single tap.
  • Mediabay subfolders added to the audio and MIDI folders.
  • The sorting of the Mediabay date and size columns now works as expected.
  • Fixes a problem where UNDO restored the wrong audio files.
  • Fixes a problem where using UNDO on tracks that have been assigned to audiobus could lead to an unlocatable backup file.
  • Changing the audio input of tracks that have been assigned to audiobus and using UNDO afterwards no longer leads to data loss.
  • Using UNDO on tracks that are assigned to audiobus and have been renamed afterwards no longer leads to data loss.
  • Fixes a problem where the user interface of Cubasis suddenly darkens.
  • Fixes a rare problem where importing audio from the iTunes library into Cubasis failed.
  • Importing multitrack MIDI files no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
  • Fixes an issue where using the redo function multiple times resulted in an error message.

We all hope that you enjoy this update! :slight_smile:

Hi! Looks great but any news regarding midi program send?


Hi Hans,

MIDI program changes will be addressed on a future update.

Many thanks, it looks great with many improvements, next month automation for CCs and I’ll be a happy and faithful user :smiley:

Nice update, in 1.5 Automation please and also could you put in VU meter in the track much like Cubase.

Looking forward to seeing the changes. Thanks for the hard work.

Great news on the update. I would also vote for cc recording and automation to be very high on the priority list. And a controller track that you could change tempos and time sigs.

Great update…really is starting to shape up nicely.

Some really good additions moving the app forward.

Can’t wait to use it.

Thank you for the dedication to making Cubasis the best DAW on iOS. I’ve found it to be the most intuitive, but some of these problems have had me looking for other solutions. With this update I’ll stick with Cubasis!

Good work. Thanks :smiley:

Very nice! Keep up the great work.

Please ensure this Undo bug is fixed.


When will the update be available?

Great improvements!

Moreless, the rythm of the improvements is high! keep up!!

When this update will be available ???

Wann kommt es bitte ich kann nicht mehr von iTunes importieren nur über e-mail :imp:

Any news about tempo change in the same song?

Super! Thank you so much for the dedicated work! Is it in anyway possible to add silence to an audio track or silence a part of it? Right now I delete noise from an audioclip but it “pulls” the rest of the clip out of sync with the song… It is quite possible that I am the one doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Did you, guys, already submit the 1.4 update to the AppStore? Thanks for info, looking forward to get it asap!

Did u posted the update to the AppStore yet???

That sounds like good news!
My wish for a next update would be a complete midi CC management (record,edition and playback of any cc). I bought cubasis because I thought it would act as a midi sequencer and record all the midi CCs too, like I could do with my old MPC2000xl. I must say that I am a bit disappointed at the moment, but I can see that you are working hard to make it better, so I keep my fingers crossed and wait for the next update.
The rest of the app is great! Keep it up!
Thanks in advance for the great new features!