Cubasis 1.4 ?

Any news on the next update ?

I was wondering the same thing.


we plan to stick to our approximately monthly release cycle, which would mean that you can expect to see Cubasis 1.4 end of May. The update will include, as Carlos already mentioned, support of MIDI-Clock and MIDI-Thru. Of course, there are many more improvements and fixes included in 1.4.

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Midi clock and thru will be most appreciated. Thank you!

Thanks Frieder.

the undo button is corrupting files again, and snapshot remains unreliable. :imp:

What about Automation. This is a high priority feature by users.

Hi Djjunior,

The bad news: Automation won’t be part of the 1.4 update.
The good news: We are working already on sketches and concepts on how to bring automation to Cubasis. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I hope it’s next update

News about internal synth and sample playback with more parameters? ( filters, envelopes,…).
I hope too in a news synth standard, live vst in Windows, for internal synth and effects by other developers :slight_smile:
Byeeee from Italy :slight_smile:

Yes, anything like a 808 style drumcomputer or a synth with a little more controll that uses the internal engine would be highly appreceated, even if that synth would not be as powerfull as third party synths. All the other ios daws can do it. Its nice to have audiobus, but unless the ipad becomes like 10 times faster it is still very limited for the amount of devices that can run simultanous in virtual midi. And although audiorecording trhough audiobus is nice for popsongs with fixed sounds, its kind of suicide for more electronic music where the synths sounds evolve during the track. What do you need automation for if your imini of sunrizer synth track is an audio recording…

But okay, at least there will be midi clock:)

Preferably, if it translates to a Cubase7 instrument, so the arrangements would remain compatible.

Would be nice to be able to send the clock and midi in general a bit earlier, adjustable for each port. I noticed a pretty big offset between an app on the same ipad and one on a second ipad, even when connected directly with a midi cable.

Not sure if it’s the interface(s) or a problem with core midi.