Cubasis 1.5 available now! - (UPDATE)


Cubasis 1.5 is available now!

Please note that projects created with Cubasis 1.5 can be imported to Cubase using the Cubasis Project Importer 1.2 only. This 1.2 update is available here:

Here is the complete new feature list as well as all the improvements and user reported problems solved:

Micrologue virtual analog synthesizer incl. 50 factory presets.
Allen Morgan Signature Drums with 16 drum kits and 80 MIDI loops.
Mute group support for drum kits (Hi-hat open/close problem solved).
Instrument track freeze for internal instruments.
Instrument rack for loading and editing Cubasis’ instruments.
Modulation wheel support for Micrologue synth.
Revamped standard instrument player.
New demo project On and On produced by Allen Morgan (available only for iPad 3 and iPad 4 users).

Internal audio engine improvements.

CB-1172 A rare phenomenon where VU levels were not displayed correctly in the mixer has been fixed.
CB-1173 Using reverb on MIDI instruments that are shorter than the effect pre-delay now work as expected.
CB-1194 Using Undo to revert an instrument change in the track list now works as expected.
CB-1223 Fixes a problem where resetting the track volume in the inspector using Undo failed.
CB-1224 Fixes an issue where track colors changed after pressing Undo or Redo.
CB-1238 A long tap on an event with two fingers simultaneously no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CB-1240 Fixes a rare phenomenon where imported audio events of a zipped project remained empty.
CB-1248 Renaming events and projects using non-Latin and/or special characters now works as expected.

Movements of the mod wheel in Micrologue will be ignored when being recording with Cubasis.
No solution, the issue is planned to be fixed with a later update (when we introduce automation).

Freezing a track when the song position cursor is placed on a pitched event might result in a detuned audio file.
Make sure to place the song position cursor at the beginning of your song that contains no pitch information.

We hope you like this big update as much as we do!
We are already working in the next update 1.6!

WOW now things are getting serious. This looks fantastic. Thanks :smiley: :smiley:

Wooow…I hope the next is Padshop :slight_smile:

Any news if and when track tempo change will be implemented?

Not all the songs are 4/4, without track tempo change implementation all the iOS daw/sequencers would only be very good toys.


That would be great! The hat problem, the drums midi loops, the editing possibilities, one by one my feature request lists is becoming smaller and smaller!

Reinforcing the drums virtual instruments (and the synth too) is a very good idea. And that will make a big difference with the others apps. All in one. And all quality ones!

Thanxs guys!!

we knew it already :slight_smile:

thankssssss guys, keep it coming :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Awesome news guys and gals!!!

Could you make it possible to MUTE single MIDINOTES inside of a region ?
Or (in my case even better) SPLIT-OPTION for MidiRegions by pitch - e.g. Isolating the HiHat from a drumloop so i can send it to a different drummachine than kick and snare.



Thank you - the regularity of the updates is great :slight_smile:


We have those features on our feature request list already and are constantly improving Cubasis. :slight_smile:

Actually the performance of Auria is terrible. Also nothing is accomplished by threatening the Devs. Steinberg has given us constant monthly updates since releasing Cubasis. Many thanks to Steinberg for being consistent in their promised monthly updates.

I totally agree. From a lineage point of view, Steinberg’s Cubasis has always been a MIDI sequencer first with added audio functionality. Auria is an audio app first with a promise of MIDI in the future.

As someone who works 95% with MIDI, I for one am glad for apps like Cubasis, FL and MS. And yes Cubasis does have some ways to go to catch up with MS and FL…but they are getting there.

Maybe Steinberg should consider releasing a Nuendo app to compete against the likes of Auria and apease all those who keep wanting to turn Cubasis into an audio app.

Hey Chrode,

How about a sneak peek at Micrologue! :smiley:

still waiting … :confused: :neutral_face: :confused: where is the update :stuck_out_tongue:

Really appreciate the regular updates - Sounds like a good update - and the promise of automation in a future update (hopefully not too far in the future!) is very welcome.

I’m slightly confused that you say Mod wheel support for Micrologue, and then say that you can’t record it! Also, is this just for Micrologue but not for other instruments connected via midi?

is it already submitted to apple or still"cooming soon"?

For future updates would prefer a"submitted to apple"announcement instead of a vague"coming soon"message. :wink:

Nonetheless i appreciate the nearly monthly updates!

This sounds awesome… :smiley:
Any chance that we at last get a loop-play between markers in the audioeditor?
I can’t believe that this was not a feature from version 1 really…
Can only hope it will finally be added in this version…

Thanks for making Cubasis by far the best IOS Daw!

Do we have an actual landing date on this one yet? Can’t wait to get my hands on this latest update!

The update is available now!