Cubasis 1.5 ?

Any news with the new update yet ?

Hi Dave,

News about the 1.5 update will follow soon. :mrgreen:

Good to hear :slight_smile:


A decent Amp Sim Insert would make me a very happy Bunny!!


The audio editor is in desperate need of a major upgrade. Please.

This. I was expecting basic features like timestretching, crossfade, etc. Please make it happen in 1.5!

needs it to send midi message as program change and CC

Matrix routing for audiobus would be nice!

This too :smiley:

easier/faster export options with e.g. the camera connection kit or through itunes would be great … although that’s probably only wishful thinking … uploading to my dropbox takes ages (upload bandwidth being limited on my dsl account)

How about adding a synth, based on Retrologue or something. Hey, you could call it Micrologue! :wink: