Cubasis 1.7.2 maintenance update available now!


Featuring over 50 improvements, this update is available now.

What you can expect:

What’s new

  • Audio track playback performance has been drastically increased on all devices.
  • Audio track freeze
  • Setup option to enlarge the audio recording buffer has been added.
  • New latency setup option added (IO buffer size can be adjusted between 128/256/512).
  • Maximum polyphony has been increased to a value of 128.
  • New tracks will now be created below the selected track.
  • CPU/Polyphony display has been overhauled (please refer to In-App help for more details).
  • Newly created audio files appear highlighted in the MediaBay.
  • A new overlay informs about imported files (replacing the previous popup).
  • Separating files for tracks in mixdown now includes track names for each file.
  • The touchable area of the preset selection arrows in Micrologue and Micro Sonic has been improved.
  • Cycle mode is automatically activated when setting the locators to the selection by long tapping an event.
  • Creating an event by double tapping in the arrange window area now automatically selects the corresponding track.
  • MIDI tracks assigned to “No Instrument” now display drum pads instead of chord pads as an alternative to the keyboard.
  • Several minor usability improvements.

Resolved problems
CB-1308 Disabling solo states restores the states of previously muted tracks.
CB-1505 Sustain pedal works now with previous behavior.
CB-1451 Fixes an issue where glitches occurred when an IAA app was connected during playback.
CB-1456 The loading time of Cubasis projects that contain IAA apps has been lowered.
CB-1459 Fixes an issue where Inter-App Audio effects were ignored when performing a mixdown.
CB-1455 Fixes an issue where a mixdown or freeze of certain Inter-App Audio instrument apps lead to detuned audio material.
CB-1448 The iOS keyboard now closes automatically when the help screen is closed.
CB-1463 Transferring Mod wheel commands via MIDI out now works as expected.
CB-1464 Fixes a rare phenomenon where the preview of audio files (e.g. a mixdown) in the MediaBay played an outdated version of the file.
CB-1468 Fixes a rare phenomenon where audio tracks continued to play after the playback had been stopped.
CB-1453 Cycle playback on slower devices no longer results in unwanted audible clicks or crackles.
CB-1484 Fixes a rare issue where the instrument rack fails to open fully.
CB-1486 Fixes a rare issue where loading of duplicated snapshot project files fails.
CB-1501 MIDI input for multiple tracks on the same channel now works as expected.
CB-1502 AudioCopy of files that are not in 44.1kHz 16bit format now works as expected.

The next update on our schedule will be 1.8. This update will include automation. :slight_smile:

Thanks crohde this is a big maintance update


Good to see Cubasis moving forward, and automation will be most welcomed when it comes.

soon but when…? i am very dissapointed with cubasis…
now i am gone to garageband for a while
i think cubasis are so expensive for an app that not works correctly

Thanks for the news on the update… Great to see some new things and some fixes… and a +1 for seeing automation. That will be a big step forward :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for the update …but hope things will get faster . …go go steinberg

You did read the appstore text of cubasis? There is no speaking of automation at this point. So you could know that upfront buying.
I think the tech support and updates come at an acceptable frequency. Just keep them coming!

just reread this appstore text - indeed there’s NO word about strange workflow issues ( undo stops playback / you have to restart playback in order to take changes in the midi editor into account / HUGE performance issues with AudioBus ( as confirmed by Steinberg ).

and of course there’s NO word about an expensive app collecting dust on my iPad because of these issues…

Fantastic news about this update. Big thanks to Steinberg for listening to your customers and working hard to improve Cubasis. The audio bugs were in desperate need of attention, so thank you.

Having said that, I have to second the post further up…

PLEASE include a fix for the sustain pedal bug in this update.

Currently, holding down a sustain pedal only allows one instance of each note until the pedal is released. This means that recording any performance of a piano part in with a physical keyboard correctly is pretty much impossible…

PLEASE squeeze this fix into the update too :slight_smile:

egz… what are you saying about automation?
i don’t need automation
what i need is an estable app that works correctly everytime, and unfortunately cubasis is not
garageband seems to be stable… now i am doing test

Sorry, i mixed up some reactions.
Let’s all hope things work out with the new update coming.

That’s great stuff.

Is the wacky pinch and expand zoom behavior fixed?


We fixed this issue, it was not on the list, I just added it (CB-1505).
The general behavior of the sustain pedal will be greatly improved with the 1.8 update, as we require automation to be able to read and write sustain pedal information.

Oh GREAT news about sustain pedal bug fixing! THANKS!!!

Looking forward to this update. Apparently an ios update is also in the pipeline which is ‘supposed’ to address a lot of audio issues.

What kind of eta? I’ve been lurking on the forums for a while holding off a purchase due to all the complaints.

seems you will have to postpone your purchase again…

!!!there’s still a plethora of show stoppers ( undo stops playback / you have to restart playback to take changes made in the midi editor into account to name just a few )!!!

NOT WORTH the asking price of close to €50.-

is it already submitted to Apple?

Just wondering if any other ios DAWs continue playback on undo? Can’t remember at the moment. It’s not a show stopper for me though, I’m still getting work done even though it does take a while even to undo minor things.