Cubasis 1.7 IAA tip

Since Cubasis will load all the IAAs in the last project used on startup and not close them if you want to start a new one, create a blank project and remember load it when you finish with Cubasis for the day.

Excellent idea!


Yeah, wish there was a way to actually disconnect and close the app from in Cubasis though. Selecting no instrument does not actually disconnect it. Sometimes I close cubasis and quit the application, and certain apps like imini are still running in the background… Doesn’t show up in the recent apps list but there is a red bar at the top that says it’s recording, weird.

Open iMini and any other IAA apps you used and close them after closing Cubasis. I use a system app to show me what processes are still running after closing so I can start and kill them individually. The one I use is called System Status but there are many. I believe most of the fault for this hassle lies with Apple and not Steinberg.