Cubasis 1.8 - First Impressions

OK, straight up: IT WORKS. Most track, FX and MIDI parameters can be automated by recording live fader moves or drawing in the automation window which is opened from the track inspector panel. Both methods generate curves which can be freely edited. It’s very intuitive and I didn’t need to refer to the Help file at all (which now includes a list of what can and can’t be automated). Parameter changes seem very smooth without any audible stepping, even with sudden large jumps in value. Bear in mind that I am doing this on an iPad Air; it may be a significantly different experience on a less powerful device. But it is certainly very impressive so far! IMHO, Cubasis has just become the best music production app available for iOS devices. I’ll follow up with second impressions soon…

Do all your older projects work just fine?
I’m in the middle of recording an EP and don’t want to take any risks, would you say it’s safe to update?

Agreed… seems to be very impressive on first impressions… and I’ve had no problems loading a couple of older projects; they worked fine and I was able to add automations data to them.

Is it possible to transmit midi data from cubasis to cubase. Like playing on ipad instead midi keyboard?