Cubasis 1.8 update available now!

As this will be a big update requiring extensive quality assurance we have decided to release the update in May 2014 to ensure the best user experience possible.

Thanks for the update! :smiley:

Better safe then sorry. Thanks for the update.

Odd time signatures???

Glad the CC messages will be automated. Very excited. :smiley:
And with Audiobus 2 finally here, automation on IAA is no concern to me at all.

Ah what a year for ios music.

i beg to differ - restarting playback in order to take velocity changes into account is not a smooth experience…
at least in my books ymmv

I’m referring to the actual “editing” of the notes and data.
Selecting what notes you want to edit then holding a modifier on the left and using the whole edit screen to adjust up and down is a very innovative touch screen experience and it’s very easy to do. While you may have to stop it and start it the actual editing is very easy. I agree things should happen seamlessly more often but the you can’t discount the actual editing because of it.

it depends on your understanding of “editing” - for me to edit means “to change something in order to hear it”.

btw other apps work the same ( select and then use a modifier ) or even better ( in Caustic for instance you need exactly ONE finger of ONE hand to select / move / change velocities ).

This sounds like semantics to me regarding the “edit” term. If you think it’s so bad why do you use it? Why not use Caustic instead since it’s better to you?
These are things that will probably eventually be updated, so why not make a thread suggesting these things be updated to your liking?

I personally really like the way that editing is done in Cubasis but to each their own. Yes I’d like to have things happening instantly but it’s not a show stopper for me. I feel like it’s actually a good thing to start and stop what you’re working on over and over because your ears get too used to the sound if you don’t and it’s hard to make good editing judgments.

[quote=“crohde”]Here is a sneak preview about the Cubasis 1.8 automation update:

Hi,will this version be able to import cubase project from desktop version of Cubase?? (Like OMF file)


Sorry, that won’t be part of the 1.8 update.

Any chance of auto repeat for the drums in the automation update? Also, sometimes the App icons in the track view don’t correspond with the correct apps ie the Sunrizer track will have the IMini icon.Still works but please fix this.Thanks for a great DAW!

We are thinking seriously about purchasing Cubasis. I own Cubase 6.5, 7 and 7.5. I can’t use the latter because it doesn’t work with 10.6.8… but anyway…
I want to purchase this app because I use backing tracks with my band in Cubase through an M-Audio FastTrack Pro USB interface. Furthermore, we also use Cubase to control the Program Changes on our guitars and bass pedalboards via MIDI. Not wanting to risk our laptop anymore, we’d rather use a smaller piece of equipment, i.e. an iPad that we already own. I’ve been reading up a lot on the Cubasis subject and it seems like the right way to go, although some of my questions remain unanswered. We are ready to invest some money on the app and the CCK needed to have it up and running.

Our questions are:

  1. Will Cubasis be compatible with our current USB Interface? (M-Audio FastTrack Pro USB)
  2. Is it possible to import a long WAV file (80+ minutes) into a Cubasis session file?
  3. Is it possible to import MIDI files into Cubasis?
  4. Will Cubasis send MIDI Program Changes to external MIDI devices?
  5. Will the new Cubasis update (1.8) feature Markers? It would be super useful to be able to click and go to a certain location within the session, and therefore skipping to the appropriate song.

Thanks in advance for your kind support.

My M-Audio FastTrack Pro works with cubasis with both my ipad air and ipad 2, however a powered USB hub is required to connect the FastTrack (like many USB devices on ipad). Works great though.

Importing MIDI files works well too, but sustain pedal information doesn’t yet appear once imported. I believe that will be fixed with the 1.8 update however.

I’d love to see some videos on how to do automation across apps - effectively the ability to tie in a multitude of synths to the Cubasis world.

Will 1.8 address sync issues with other apps? Loopy HD does not see Cubasis’s Midi clock.

Other issues I hope get addressed in Cubasis 1.8:

  • if I record midi while in loop mode, and click quantize, all the notes disappear.
  • using audiobus 2, if I add a new lane and route an input app into Cubasis as output, Cubasis modifies the Midi Out routing of all my midi channels to that new app. This isn’t always what is desired, if I have an existing midi channel routed to a different app.
  • file management is confusing. Will there be a way to save a user defined Template? Will there be a way to save songs in a folder structure? Will there be a “save” button?
  • midi clock sync! Especially with Loopy.

I am interested in Cubasis. Should I buy now or after the update/upgrade?
Will be 1.8 without any fee if I own 1.7 ?

Updates have been free so far, this will most likely be free too.


Yes, the 1.8 update will be free.

When is it being released?its May 6th.