Cubasis 1.9.5 update available / Special launch price

Dear all,

Cubasis has just been updated to version 1.9.5 with lots of great new features and enhancements and is now available through the App Store.

Cubasis 1.9.5 Teaser

Cubasis 1.9.5 MiniSampler Tutorial

Buy Cubasis until July 2 and save 40%!
Cubasis is on sale for $29.99 (40% off the reg price) from June 30 to July 2 2015!

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Have great fun using Cubasis, enjoy making music and being creative!

Best wishes,

Cubasis 1.9.5 - Features, Improvements & Fixes

∙ New MiniSampler to create own instruments in a snap
∙ 5 MiniSampler piano factory instruments based on HALion Sonic
∙ 16 Allen Morgan MiniSampler factory drum kits paired with 128 song-oriented MIDI patterns
∙ iOS 64-bit mode support (for supported iOS devices)
∙ Audiobus SDK 2.1.6
∙ New “Smear” demo song project

CB-2277 Cubasis can now be assigned as Inter-app audio node
CB-2086 Folders remember their state after Cubasis has been restarted
CB-1116 Long tap on rewind button sets playhead to start position
CB-2215 Notification badge disappears once the shop button has been tapped

CB-1993 Sharing large files via “Open with” now works as expected
CB-2049 Sharing larger files via Dropbox now works as expected
CB-2093 Fixes a problem where the use of Audiobus in connection with an external audio interface rendered Cubasis unreliable
CB-2087 Solves a problem where the transport controls of the Audiobus panel were missing in some cases
CB-2129 Fixes a rare problem where opening Dropbox during playback rendered Cubasis unreliable
CB-1948 Solves a rare issue where connecting particular audio devices resulted in distorted playback
CB-2085 Notes outside the locators will no longer play back when Cubasis has been set to cycle mode
CB-2074 Fixes a rare problem where edits in the audio editor could lead to a negative time offset error
CB-2080 Fixes a problem where track names were not restored properly after undo or redo.
CB-2088 Solves a cosmetic issue where the trash section has not been updated after an audio file has been deleted
CB-2078 Starting cycle playback in audio editor when loop markers have been set to identical positions no longer renders Cubasis unreliable
CB-2222 Changing the song position constantly while playback runs no longer renders Cubasis unreliable
CB-2229 Fixes a rare issue where performing file conversions slowed down the overall performance
CB-2336 Solves a problem where skipping the instrument selection in the inspector renders Cubasis unreliable
CB-2367 HiHat sounds in mute groups are no longer cut off

I’d just like to say thank you, what a great update.

You guys :unamused: …you kept that MiniSampler quiet didn’t you :astonished: .

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

1.9.5 is a good step forward! The Minisampler is a great enhancement:-)

Update looks really great, congratulations on the release :slight_smile:

Some good looking new features. Sadly I still won’t be using it, as still no option to reset playhead on stop. Such a basic, basic, basic, basic thing, crippling workflow without it. Sorry I can’t be more positive, until that feature is in it remains my least used (and most expensive) Apple Store purchase.

You’ve might missed that one in the version history:

CB-1116 Long tap on rewind button sets playhead to start position

Thanks to you and the team for adding the MiniSampler as part of a free upgrade. It’s appreciated.

Although that’s useful, it’s not really the same thing. It always returns to the start of the project on a manual press. The way I use every DAW is in a return-to-where-you-started-on-stop (an automatic action).

John Walden from Music App Blog gave us a first review on 1.9.5.
Read it here:

Looks Great!!! thank you! for a long time waiting for updates :slight_smile:

Thank You, Steinberg Cubasis Team! You Rock, literally.

Sadly that is not fixed a several problems:
1 - not added markers
2 - [CB-2326] Meter on the plugins
3 - [CB-2337] Main out indicator in Mixer

it is most important to me points.
Do we know when we can expect them to fix? Thanks.

Thanks for the update…
Im not heavy cubasis user,but for me the most obvious and basic updates should be.

1: fix/change overdub track recording,i mean right now for overdubs you can hear the recorded material when record on track with event on it,this slows down workflow and creates extra tracks and editing just for re-takes. :blush: very strange…

2:tempo and time signature editor

I bought Cubasis today but have noticed that more than half of my instruments don’t show up in the IAA incert (yes, they are all IAA compatible and show up in Auria, AudioShare, etc.). Am I doing something wrong or overlooking something?


Please let us have the following:

  • list of instruments missing
  • description which road you choose to load them

Please check if the chapter below helps to solve the issue:
The IAA apps that are not listed as instruments (only for audio track inputs) are in fact IAA generators (= only for audio tracks) and not IAA instruments, i.e. they cannot receive MIDI via IAA (only via CoreMIDI).


You’re welcome!
Both topics are already on our list for a future update.


Please do not mix feature requests with bugs!
We have all those requests on our list for future updates.


“CB-2086 Folders remember their state after Cubasis has been restarted” Awesome guys! Thank you very much for this. Cool little sampler too, many thanks!!!