Cubasis 1.9.7 update available

Dear all,

A new version of Steinberg’s iPad app Cubasis is now available for download from the App Store.

Version 1.9.7 includes the new AudioCopy SDK 3.1.
The update also fixes some minor bugs and is recommended for all users of Cubasis.

CB-2540 New AudioCopy SDK 3.1

CB-2602 Fixes a rare problem where switching between several projects rendered Cubasis unreliable.
CB-2203 Resizing an audio event at the beginning of the timeline at maximum zoom no longer moves its position.
CB-2582 Fixes a graphical problem when closing an effect pop-up.
CB-2590 Switching editor entries no longer results in erratic graphical behavior.
CB-1633 Mixdown pop-up message has been simplified for ease of use.
CB-1808 Pad layout pop-up message has been enhanced for improved usability.

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Thanks a lot for this maintenance update.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but we could REALLY do with the critical ‘Undo bug’ being fixed as a priority. It’s been around for long enough. I thought it would be taken care of with this update.

Also, any hint of when a new, more major update is due for release?


Thanks a lot for your continued work to improve Cubasis.

Yep, it is planned to have new features included with the next update…

Hello! Thank you for new useful update! But I have a problem. Couple of drum midi tracks don’t heard in full in my project. I mean, Not all MIDI information sounds. The sound disappears then appears. Hope you understand me, my English is not good.

Please check if increasing the value for polyphony (located in Media/Audio) solves the issue.


Thank you, it helps me! I’m sorry.

Glad to hear it helped to solve the problem!



I notice that sometimes when I am working on a project and press undo my entire project sounds different (with some weird instruments that wasn’t in my original project) when I play it back. I can’t take this anymore. Anyone experiencing this?

A second thing, will proper metering for each track be avaible soon? It would be helpful to have real time dBFS readings for each track and actual values being shown for effects, such as reverb, filter, etc


Yes, it’s the infamous UNDO BUG that scrambles names, colors and midi assignmemts. Still not fixed after God knows how many updates. This is no minor bug, it’s a PITA and it’s being carried over faithfully with each new update as if it were a proud feature, along with the shopping cart that replaced toolbar button, which does nothing but take up space after you’ve purchased the fx packs. I don’t get it.

Hi Hoshane,

We are aware of the UNDO bug but are not able to provide an easy fix since it is no minor bug unfortunately.
Nevertheless it is on our list.


When uploading / Sharing via Dropbox it now asks for dropbox application authentication every time, as if its a new app, rather than storing the credentials. This is a pain if you have 2 factor authentication enabled on dropbox, other apps seem to register with dropbox once, and then dont ask again.

My cubasis has gone haywire the basic timing is all out can anyone help. I’m on an iPad Air 2 latest update

Master clock slows down and speeds up even in an empty project with metronome on making it unusable obviously version 1.9.7 on an iPad Air 2 with the latest iOS


Please come up with a separate topic plus exact description of the issue (step by step).
That way we’re able to give it a repro.


Is there any chance the external/internal midi clock can be incudes, using my korg kronos as the slave seems to cause some timing issues when recording to my ipad air 2 resulting in timing changes throughout the whole recording

Good Evening

I am a happy user of Cubasis.
My device is the iPad AIR with iOS 8.4.

I am not able to update my version of Cubasis 1.9.7.

In the Apple Store, I press the button UPDATE, but after a second time this reappears without updating CUBASIS that always remains at latest version 1.9.6.

It 'happened to any of you?

Thank you in advance


Dear Claudio,

unfortunately we can not reproduce this issue. So might be some other reason for itunes not loading the update. Did you try anything else to download?


Thanks for the reply.

My iPAD AIR works well, and also iTunes for to update other apps, then to unload that new apps.

I had intended to make a backup of the contents of CUBASIS on my MAC, then cancel my current version of CUBASIS (ver 1.9.6), and reinstall CUBASIS (ver 1.9.7).

Is it ok ?

Claudio VARAMO

Dear Claudione,

if you make sure you have all your projects backed up you can surely go ahead and un and re-install Cubasis via itunes.

Please let us know the outcome.



Thanks at all