Cubasis 1.9.8 update available

File exchange between Cubasis and supported hard drives is handled via the “Open in/Open with” iOS function.
Please check with the manufacturer if the PQI Air Pen device supports this function and how to enable it (e.g. SanDisk drives require to install and launch the corresponding iOS sync app).

Exporting files to external hard drives is explained in the MediaBay chapter of Cubasis’ in-app help.

“Open in/Open with” support has to be provided/enabled by the hard drive / wireless drive manufacturer.


While Cubasis can be installed on iOS 7.1.4 we recommend to use it with the latest available iOS version.
Some of the features (e.g. Audio Unit) require iOS 9, and it is likely that other functions might not perform as expected with older iOS versions.

I planning to get cubase for my ipad, does anyone know the size of the app file and the disk space that. I need to run it?

Hi Giulia,

Glad to hear you want to join the Cubasis family!

The app has a size of 651 MB.
The required storage space varies depending on what you plan to do with Cubasis.

For example, recording audio material requires more memory than playing MIDI instruments.

Please visit the Cubasis website to learn more about the app and its features:


Thanks for the useful update!

Metering on the compressor is really handy for the less experienced! Thank you :smiley:

Glad to hear you like the revised effect interfaces, that’s what we’ve made them for … :slight_smile:


I am new to this forum and to cubasis. But so far the software is terrific. I am using it with an iPad Air 2 and my audio interface is the itrack doc. A great program!


Glad to hear that you like Cubasis and we a re glad to have you with us! :sunglasses:


Quick question: when I try to punch-in and record, it records and adds to the existing sound. It doesn’t replace the recording, it adds to it. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi JWallace,

It is not possible to set replacement modes with Cubasis as of yet.
Feature is on our list.


Hello Lars,
It seems there is no support for IO Dock 2 in the current Cubasis version - so I was wondering if it is in plans? It hasn’t been that long ago that I bought it and would have eagerly used Cubasis. Somehow doing some web searches I got the picture that Cubasis was compatible with IO Dock 2 sometime earlier - am I right? Thanks!

Oh, wait a minute…I realized that Cubasis LE wasn’t going to work with IO Dock, but full Cubasis does. And it’s now running well on my iPad…so no problem anymore!

Glad to hear you’ve been able to answer the question yourself.
Also great, that you’ve shared the info with others here!

In case, someone is curious what hardware devices are supported with LE (list of compatible products to grow):