Cubasis 1.9.9 update available

Dear all,

Cubasis has been updated to version 1.9.9 and includes several improvements and fixes for many user-reported problems and is recommended for all users.

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Cubasis 1.9.9 - What’s New
CB-2752 Audio Unit extension preset support for instruments and effects.
CB-1282 MIDI port mappings are now properly saved with the project.
CB-2970 Resolves a random issue where undo/redo leads to multiple unexpected changes.
CB-2587 Fixes a problem where noise can appear when recording audio tracks.
CB-2861 Resolves a problem where the MIDI port routing gets mixed up when MIDI apps are opened or closed.
CB-2681 MIDI over Bluetooth connection no longer gets lost while MIDI data is being transmitted.
CB-2915 AU track renamings are now properly saved with the project.
CB-2894 Fixes a problem where Inter-App Audio effects connections can get lost when effects are not active.
CB-3000 Fixes an intermittent problem where loading an AU instrument or effect failed.
CB-2923 Resolves a problem where the user interface of an AU instrument is not properly updated when being reloaded.
CB-2979 Undo of deleting a frozen track is now possible with a single tap.

Best wishes,

Awesome thanks for leading the way on iOS.

Great!! Exactly what I needed…

Glad to see AU preset loading added. But how do I save my own presets with Blamsoft Viking? I couldn’t find a save option in the presets tab.

I’d also like to suggest some changes in the preset browser…

  1. Allow preset browser window to stay open when pressing keys to hear preset sounds. At the current state, if you choose a preset you don’t want to use, you will have to keep pressing the presets tab in order to open the browser and scroll down the list. Allowing the browser to stay open until tapping it again to close it will speed up and streamline the workflow.

  2. When opening the preset browser, it always opens at the top of the list. Fixing it to display the position of the list where the current preset is loaded will speed up and streamline the workflow.

  3. Please don’t forget to add a SAVE option for the preset browser, as I mentioned above.

Hi Rich303,

Apple’s AU preset handling is limited to loading presets at the moment.
That’s the reason why you are not able to save presets.

Other AU instruments such as Arturia’s iSEM AU come with their own preset systems, allowing to load and save presets.

We’ve notified Apple during the implementation phase of 1.9.9. so let’s see if they will add the option later.


Thanks Lars! :slight_smile:

Will there be an update to the UI to optimize the screen real estate for the ipad pro 12.9?

Hi Ogiber26,

While we have iPad Pro UI optimisation on the list, it is not planned to be included in the next update/soon.


What I think is missing:

  1. I will like to minimize my project in both landscape and portrait(vertical and horizontal). So I can view the hole channels and project at once.
  2. Inbuilt noise reduction and de-esser.
  3. Add normalize value in audio editor and pitch shift.
    Consider updating these. Very important.

Cubasis 2.0 i am looking for you, hope you around the corner and we would see lots of changes.

Wish List.

  1. Folder/Group Tracks
  2. Drum Sampler
  3. Better Copy and Paste like highlight a region and hold and pull to lengthen it.
    4, Piano Roll editing fixed
  4. Better import sample option like dropbox, audio copy and audio share.

Hi juniorpops,

Thanks for your message.

  1. Folder/group tracks are on our list for a future update.
  2. Cubasis includes a MiniSampler instrument that allows to create own instruments to be played via built-in keyboard or pads. Please give it a try.
  3. Will be added to the list
  4. Please create a separate topic and let us know what you’re after.
  5. Dropbox and audio copy are available already, did you oversee them? Please have a look at the “MediaBay” chapter in the in-app help of Cubasis, to learn more.


Thanks for your response,

I am looking for a sampler like Groove Agent not the MiniSampler
I know DropBox and AudioCopy is there , thanks for reminding me, but i was more thinking about AudioShare, most users use AudioShare the house their sample content.So to include it would be nice.
The piano roll is buggy, there is lots of discussion about it already,i know you guys monitor AudioBus forum there is lots of discussion there about it.

Keep making Cubasis the DAW of choice

I’m using Cubasis for live performances. It works great!
But sometimes there is a compositions with a complex structure and i need a “marker track” to visualize it.
For now I’m creating a midi track, drawing an empty regions on it, adjusting their length and naming them as composition’s parts (Intro, verse, pre-chorucs etc.) But, it take soooo long!
Is there some other way to create markers on Cubasis?


There is no marker function to locate specific parts in an arrangement yet. But it is in on our to do list.

However we do not have a date as of yet when to have the feature included.


Is there a way to auto quantize recording? I mean realtime quantized recording…
thanks a lot

Feature is on our list…


Is Audio Quantize on to-do list?

How are things coming along with the Tempo Track, we’ve been promised for years now?

Hi Svenne,

We are in the preparation of our next Cubasis update that will include many new features, improvements and fixes.
The update and its feature additions will be announced once it becomes available.

Please note that we do not promise features, but list these in our backlog to be evaluated and added for future updates.


Thanks for your reply, Lars.

Well, you may not have used the word “promise”, but there have been numerous postings, the last couple of years, by moderators, stating the it is on your list for future updates. It’s sounds like a promise to me.

It’s understandable that it takes some time to program a new feature, but this has been going on for years now. There has been a great number of requests for this important feature, during this time, but nothing has happened. Do you think this is acceptable?

If I may, I’d like to repeat my request for and export/import feature between Cubase and Cubasis. I use Cubasis (with my Focusrite iTrack Dock) as a remote recording solution for Cubase. In order to transfer a Project from Cubase to Cubasis I have to:

  1. Export all audio tracks (or group tracks)
  2. Export all MIDI tracks that are required as audio stems (i.e. starting at 00:00:00:00).
  3. Import these stems to Cubasis.
  4. Add the required overdubs at the remote location.
  5. Export the overdubs from Cubasis.
  6. Import the overdubs into Cubase

Note that exporting/importing/overdubbing MIDI tracks is impossible, as long as tempo track support is lacking, is impossible, as they will constantly fall out of sync.

This is time consuming jumping thorough hoops. These tedious tasks are what computers excel at. A “check out/ check in” feature would be very helpful. Let Cubase take care of transferring the Audio, MIDI and Tempo tracks information to Cubasis. When the overdubs are complete and Cubase and Cubasis are synced up, Let Cubase import the newly recorded tracks (There is no need to import the original tracks, unless they have been changed in any way) and insert them into the original project.

There should be settings in Cubase and Cubasis with regard to how MIDI tracks are handled:
a) Rendered as audio files.
b) Transferred as MIDI data.

For this to work, it is vital that Cubasis supports Tempo/Signature mapping.