Cubasis 1.9 and audiobus and inter app audio

Hello, I just purchased a brand new iPad Air 2 from an Apple Store. A year ago I was using cubasis and audiobus and several synth apps and it all worked beautifully on a iPad 2. Now audiobus latest version and cubasis latest version and inter app audio on cubasis are not working, what’s the deal? Btw, I’m also using latest iOS version.

Hi Russteemoo666,

Thanks for your message.

In order to support you, please let us have a detailed description (step-by-step) what is not working at your end.
Please find more details how to report a problem right here:


The audiobus control panel shows the cubasis icon but does not open. If you open cubasis manually by clicking on the home button you can press record then switch back to your instrument app and sound will be recorded by cubasis but will be distorted. And as far as inter app audio goes, the controls don’t work at all…

Please note that the Audiobus issue (AB transport controls are not available) is currently in evaluation between Audiobus and us. The issue is planned to be fixed with the next update .

Please let us have more details about your other topics (distorted recordings, controls don’t work at all).
In order to support you, we need to know about the apps you have in use and the steps to reproduce the issue.