Cubasis 1.9? Could we see time stretching?

Title says it all…I have my fingers crossed after the best update so far in 1.8 :slight_smile:


We have time stretch already on our feature request list!
Have fun making music with Cubasis now!

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Hi, I would really love to see this feature added in asap. It will open-up my whole sample library to be able to be used in all projects. Only just now I just tested out the amp-sim and overdrive effects with reverb and wanted to add a drum loop, but, couldn’t because I used a custom bpm. Thanks for all the work done so far!

+1 for time stretching (my biggest wish)

Please add me down as a +1 for this… I assumed it would have had it.

Its a bit silly to have to pre-set any sample packs before sending down to cubasis for use.

I’ve got a possible work around, but you’ll need Traktor to do it.

Load the sample into Traktor like it was an audio file to DJ with and then set the tempo before hitting play/record.

Not tested this yet, but I can’t see why it wont work.

I think to keep in line with the competition (Gadget) we need to see some kind of Sampler built into Cubasis…and yes i know its on your feature request list!..why does Cubasis development seem reeeeeeaaaaaalllly slow? :open_mouth: