Cubasis 1.9 update available

Hi all,

With the latest 1.9 update Cubasis now introduces in-app purchases, allowing you to buy additional features directly from inside the app.

The first available in-app purchases are two effects suites, each with six great-sounding effects processors:

FX Pack 1: Reverbs & Delays
Tape Delay, Stereo Delay, Long Delay, Stereo Width, Non-Linear Reverb, Early Reflections

FX Pack 2: Vintage FX
Pan & Tremolo, Rotary Speaker, Bit Reduction, TalkBox, Wah Pedal, Enhancer

Please find more details about the Cubasis FX packs right here:

Cubasis 1.9 is now available through the App Store.
To buy the FX Packs, please visit the Cubasis in-app store by tapping the shop button in the top part of the app.

The next Cubasis update will focus on 64-bit, new features, improvements and maintenance fixes.



Woohoo! Got the 1.9 update. Okay so it’s all about the FX packs and no bug fixes or other new features, but it’s good to have some new effects that can be used on multiple tracks, and maybe this is a possible precursor to third party multiple-instance effects a la VST plugins? However I am a little bit concerned about the pricing: the two packs (12 effects in total) will set you back nearly 40% of the entire app’s cost! Bundling them would be much better value and less of a shock to those of us who bought the app in its early days and stuck with it through many updates and bug fixes, of which some are serious issues and need resolving right now, such as the very frustrating crash when selecting Open With for large Mixdown files. Sorry for being negative about these things; I know efforts are being made to improve the functionality of what is basically a good app, and the mention of further updates is very welcome, so thank you for that, Steinberg :slight_smile:

Please note that the user guide (both in-app and web version) has been updated also.
Follow this link to find more details about the effects included in the FX packs:

As mentioned in the known issues section quite a while ago, Apple is aware of the issue and has to come up with a fix.

Is it possible to SAVE own FX presets finally?

Appreciate the fx although i would have prefered slightly enhanced versions of the internal fx first…They are still less than basic imo,sorry.

The effects are welcome.

But to me it is extremely annoying, that the open folder bug for midi and audio folders still has not been fixed after so many months! Having to close all the midi and audio folders right from scratch after each and every start simply is nothing I accept to do. This way I have only rarely used Cubasis over the last months, and it will catch further dust now.

I’m really unnerved by Steinberg’s slow bug fixing policy!

While I’m sure that some will appreciate the addition of optional extra effects, I have to echo the concerns of others I’m afraid - Surely focus should be on making Cubasis as stable and reliable as possible. After waiting for 1.9 for quite some time I was expecting to see a big list of bug fixes, minor tweaks and additions to the software, not just the addition of more (and for many, unnecessary) IAP effects. While it’s good to see that you’re expanding Cubasis’ internal capabilities, you don’t need me to remind you of the host of professional IAA effect apps that are already available, rendering this update non-essential.

I really hope that Cubasis 1.9 was just an ‘interim’ update, and the next update will follow soon with lots of tweaks and fixes.

Many thanks for the hard work that you’re putting in to make Cubasis great.

Logically, I’d also reiterate the needs to insure stability and functionality within Cubasis but I will also add the I’m enjoying the rotary speaker in Pack 2. Just actually started with these a few minutes ago. You couldn’t have made getting them any easier… :smiley:

So when will we see the often requested features, for example a tempo track? This must be one of the most disappointing updates in history. It and nothing, but the ability for Steinberg to sell more products.

In-app purchasing should have been introduced along with other feature updates. Releasing an update with nothing else, just makes Steinberg appear greedy.

Greedy?Guys,we are talking about 12 fx for the price of a bit more than a buck each.Steinberg delivered a lot of free updates (what about Micrologue for free?Was that also greedy?) in 2 years.I don’t have a problem spending a little amount of money for extras now.Some people should really adjust their definition of"greedy".

I also still have some major flaws to complain about and i’ll do that in a seperate thread soon but regarding the fx (i bought both packs): definitely worth the asking price (i would have payed the price for the tape delay alone).It’s a nice addition to the whole package and since IAA or AB is often enough a f*ckin mess,i appreciate every good native plugin that i can use multiple times and everything is SAVED within my project.Not to mention the almost no CPU hunger of these plugs.

Two things i dislike about the plugs:The 2 delays are way too similar imo,i would have prefered a better sounding compressor or a better"classic"reverb instead.

Second:still not possible to save FX presets?Really?Is this the Steinberg way to force creativity,lol?

edit:and now it’s REALLY time for more inserts or subgroups to combine all the FX :wink:

Please stop griping. It’s embarassing. £35 for an app that can do so much? This is not a game, it’s a serious app for serious musicians.

I would hazard a guess that the reason for the in app purchasing is fairly straightforward and makes sense from a business perspective.

  1. Steinberg is unlikely to have recouped initial development costs to date from the relatively small number of users that have purchased the app in comparison to their other products ie. cubase.

  2. In order to recoup those costs and therfore make the app a viable product from a business (not user) perspective, they need to start recovering some of that outlay as devlopers have to get paid otherwise they shut the department down and they are out of a job.

  3. The easiest way to do this is to provide an in-app store which serves two purposes…
    A. We get some new toys to play with sooner than anticipated
    B. They get instant revenue sooner than expected which helps fund further development

From the attitude of some of the users on here, I would HATE to be a developer nowadays. Consumers have gone mad and seem to be oblivious of how they behave as long as they get what they want. Please think about this before coming on here and acting the way you do… It’s depressing and not the way a real musician should behave.

These guys are doing a brilliant job so give them some credit for that.

Time to raise your game people.

I don’t think people are complaining about the effects or their price. My understanding is that people are upset that with the in-app purchased effects update there should ~also~ have been some bug fixes in there. And by just only updating the app with the in-app purchase and no bug fixes it appears to some (not me) that Steinberg is shafting them a bit. Just trying to clarify.

Any hints as to what the new features hinted at might be? Just wondering because while I have cubase, i’m now doing the whole umming and ahhing over getting an ios daq and thinking about cubasis now or waiting for auria pro, given that it’s got midi coming. Is there a roadmap? or will the 2.0 be a paid update, so I might as well just wait it out anyway?

oh,i totally get what you mean but i slightly disagree (even if i’m waiting for fixes as well).It doesn’t change the fact that"these"people are wrong with the way they express themselves and seem to lost focus (too much spoiled about the app store prices).Are"this"people really ever spend a dime on desktop software?Do they know what the price is for a current Cubase version?I highly doubt that.I know,apples and oranges…but development cost a lot of money,developer need to eat and all that stuff…And while there are still functions badly needed in Cubasis (although everybody got exactly what he paid for right from the beginning by the way),Steinberg already delivered a lot (for free).The list of bugfixes (and additions) is huge.And i’m sure they won’t stop here.I remember what a mess Cubase SX was back in the days (Can’t remember exactly about Cubase 5 though because at this time EVERYTHING was more or less a mess on PC :wink: ) and how much time it needed to"grow up".But many people are not even complaining about bugs,they are crying for new features (i’m not an exception) and i assume they would cry even louder if Steinberg charges MONEY for this features (tempo track"most requested feature"?I doubt that,couldn’t care less personally).This forum will blow up when SB announce Cubasis 2.0…and it won’t be free.

I’m just wondering why Steinberg started so LATE with offering IAPs.It’s a totally legit system,no one ever would complain about that in the Auria forum.People are definitely more polite over there (although that has also to do with the fact the developer is VERY active there.You NEVER get the feeling you are lost or they are not listening to reasonable requests!).Ah yeah,and if someone don’t like the IAP,the solution is so unbelievable simple (as always):don’t buy it.

Obviously the latest Cubasis update is NOT an update - it is just an inclusion of IAP…
Personally I don’t have a problem with that, but it seems that mainstream of Cubasis users do…
Suddenly Cubasis have vanished from AppShopper top 200 altogether - unprecedented in the world of iOS app updates…

They obviously wanted to get this inapp purchase out there… and I dont defend Steinberg…
but they have stated the following in the original post


The next Cubasis update will focus on 64-bit, new features, improvements and maintenance fixes.


Im assuming this will push Cubasis upto v2.0

100% agreed! I’m not a developer nor a working musician, but as an artist I think we should respect the craftsmen who make our tools.

If you think about it ‘In App Purchases’ is indispensable to deliver the next (probably) paid 2.0 update to current users of Cubasis. So you can see 1.9 as a simple bridge between Cubasis 1 and 2.

About the monstrosity of charging 10 or 15 Euros/Dollars/Pounds for a suite of effects, what can I say. I guess I have spent around eight thousand Euros on audio software during the past seven years. If you are not willing to pay 15 dollars for a product you surely don’t need it. What’s the problem then?

Is it possible to implement some vocal editors such as pitch correction in future updates?

I just realized there is no"tools"button anymore to make more room on the screen.Instead i’m looking at a useless"shop"button (because i already purchased the fx).That is a very questionable design choice to put it mildly.
Screen estate is rare on tablets and often enough i switched to the"(nearly)full screen"mode to get a better overview over my project.So,please can we have the tools button back?Thanks.