Cubasis 2.0 - Pan and Volume Feature Request

Please add the following features to the Mixer:

Pan: Display Pan Value from 1 to 100, such as L64 and R83.

Volume Fader: Label the Volume Fader tick marks from -infinity to +12dB (in addition to existing fader value).

In General: Display actual value anywhere a setting is adjusted such as the Effect Sends. Graphical feedback is not enough, especially with non-linear logarithmic scales.

Its important to glance at a Mixer and get a visual snapshot of the exact settings.

Thank you.

I very much agree with this request, actual values would be very helpful for all parameters.

I have an additional request for Volume Faders in particular, a way to “nudge” the fader in small increments, this could be as simple as tapping on the fader slot above or below the fader button.
I find it very difficult to make small fader adjustments when tweaking mixes.