Cubasis 2.1 available

Dear all,

After the warm welcome of Cubasis 2, we are very pleased to announce the availability of the Cubasis 2.1.

The latest Cubasis 2.1 update adds Audiobus 3 support, a fully refreshed MIDI editor, a great sounding new reverb effect with RoomWorks SE* and over 40 user-requested improvements.

Cubasis 2.1 - When the best gets better

Cubasis 2.1 Tutorial Video

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See below for more detailed information about Cubasis 2.1.

Enjoy using Cubasis
& thanks for your support,

*User registration required to unlock RoomWorks SE reverb effect.

New Features In Cubasis 2.1
• Audiobus 3 support — Connect your favorite MIDI controller and filter apps, and enjoy seamless workflows
• MIDI Editor refresh — Quickly edit your MIDI tracks and creatively compose, sustained by most accurate tools and ultra-intuitive interface design
• RoomWorks SE* — Utilize the powerful reverb effect delivering pro-quality sounds that enrich your tracks with shine and extra sparkle
• Over 40 improvements — Experience utmost performance paired with rock-solid stability

*User registration required to unlock RoomWorks SE reverb effect.


Arrange Window, Playback & Recording
CB-3471 Solves a problem where locators are set automatically by accident when changing the length of an event.
CB-3447 Audio recording in loop mode no longer results in a glitch at cycle end.
CB-3359 Cycle playback now works as expected for projects containing time-stretched events that end shortly before cycle end.
CB-3488 Solves a problem where time-stretching fails with 32-bit mono files.
CB-3458 Solves a problem where audio events appear with incorrect lengths when being recorded in loop mode.
CB-3404 Fixes a problem where MIDI auto quantize failed after first recording attempt.
CB-3374 MIDI auto quantize no longer affects all selected events automatically.
CB-3463 Quantizing note ends now works as expected.
CB-3848 Swing quantize now works as expected.
CB-3526 Dropping an audio or MIDI file to the track list no longer results in scroll down of the list.
CB-3461 Solves a rare problem, where activating global monitoring for a huge number of tracks can render Cubasis unreliable.

Track Freeze & Mixdown
CB-1958 Track freeze and mixdown accuracy for internal, Audio Unit and Inter-App Audio instruments and effects has been significantly improved.
CB-3501 Cancelling a mixdown or freeze no longer resets the output latency setting.
CB-3502 Solves a problem where master inserts are not disabled during track freeze.
CB-3344 Solves a rare problem where rewind fails to work after a frozen track has been deleted.
CB-3408 MIDI output latency no longer affects mixdown.
CB-3407 Internal mixdown polyphony has been increased to 256 voices.

Inter-App Audio, Audio Unit Extension & Audiobus
CB-1958 Track freeze and mixdown accuracy for internal, Audio Unit and Inter-App Audio instruments and effects has been significantly improved.
CB-3429 Triggering an AU instrument having the instrument rack closed no longer results in intermittent dropouts.
CB-3474 Buffer size of Audio Unit extensions is now set to current audio buffer length.
CB-3414 Inter-app audio beat sync now works as expected.
CB-3378 Changing instruments on an Inter-App Audio MIDI track no longer results in no output.
CB-3624 Inter-App Audio, Audio Unit and Audiobus app lists now appear more quickly.

MIDI Editor
CB-1632 Vertical autoscroll behaviour has been improved and now considers direction of the touch.
CB-3472 Vertical snap in MIDI and automation editor now considers vertical speed of finger movement.
CB-3123 MIDI editor drawing accuracy has been drastically improved.
CB-824 Touch-and-move in draw mode in the MIDI editor allows to properly set the note’s length.
CB-3504 New MIDI editor color setup option allows to display MIDI note colors in various styles.
CB-1631 The length of a note can now be properly decreased in the MIDI editor if it is smaller than the grid.
CB-1512 Zooming in MIDI editor no longer triggers autoscroll.
CB-1852 Moving notes at the right border in the MIDI editor no longer leads to erratic scrolling.
CB-1523 Pianoroll in MIDI editor remains playable in draw mode.
CB-1280 Pianoroll now gets properly rescaled when opening the MIDI editor.
CB-2017 Solves a rare problem where notes can appear outside the MIDI editor.
CB-846 Scrubbing of MIDI notes in the arrangement or the MIDI editor now works as expected.
CB-2213 Accuracy of manual MIDI CC data input has been drastically improved.
CB-3512 Follow playhead in MIDI editor now also works in draw mode.

CB-1369 New share popup to provide consistent workflows for iCloud and Dropbox exports.
CB-3550 It is now possible to delete Micrologue user presets.
CB-1968 It is now possible to share Micrologue user presets via email.
CB-3552 Solves a problem where the MediaBay buttons are not properly updated when restoring files from trash.
CB-3549 Pre-delay of reverb is now automatable.
CB-3405 Solves an issue where WiFi server user interface elements are not properly loaded when using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.
CB-3551 Solves a minor graphical issue where the delete button is not greyed out when creating a new MiniSampler instrument.
CB-3413 Solves a cosmetical issue where effect names are not displayed in the effect rack.

Great! Thanks.

Awesome, love the amount of effort going into this app. I was kind of hoping that support for the iPad Pro resolution would make it into the update though, hopefully soon!

Wow!!! Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for one more great update.

With this update, whoever, I was hoping to have now more mixdown options (export a single mono track to mono).
Do you plan to add it soon?

Again, thanks.

My email notice advises that I can get Cubasis 2.1 for 50% off until April 10th and the price listed in the App Store is $24.99 Cdn. I am hoping this is the full price before discount - is this the case?

UPDATE: Apologies - there is no need to respond. I realize now that the price in the App store is 50% off the regular price for NEW purchasers but the upgrade is free for existing users like myself.

Hi Mike999,

Please have a look right here:


Thanks, Lars. I was just updating my post while you were writing yours and have now downloaded the free update to my Cubasis 2 app.

Thanks for the quick update!
Have great fun with Cubasis 2.1!


Hello, sorry for asking such a basic question but how to upgrade?

Hi Arcos,

These are the steps:

  • Open the AppStore app on your iPad
  • Tap “Updates” located on the bottom right
  • Look für “Cubasis” and tap the update button

Have great fun with Cubasis 2.1!


Thank you so much for this new version!!

One question, when editing in the Key Editor, can I still use the lasso-tool?
It seems I can’t turn it on or off; the select-button is lit and I can’t switch it off…

Thanks in advance!

All the best,

Hi René,

Thanks for your message.

The lasso-like tool is available and can be used in a more convenient way as before.

The enabled “Select” mode in the key editor allows to:

  • select events indiviudally by tapping
  • select / deselect all events at once via single tap or double tap in an empty area
  • create a specific selection of events via long tap in an empty area (this brings up the lasso-like select tool)

To learn more about the MIDI editor (key editor) improvements and how to use them best, please have a look at our Cubasis 2.1 tutorials (at 3:50 min):

Best wishes,

Thank you Lars, for your quick and useful reply!
Thanks to the entire team as well, we really appreciate the fact that you keep adding new features.

Best wishes,

Hi, I was just wondering if the following bug may be addressed in the nest release.

I have just updated to 2.1 in the hopes that it may have been resolved, but unfortunately it still exists.
Basically, if you have two USB midi interfaces of exactly the same type, Cubasis always selects them both rather then one or the other. See the following screen shots

Selecting one, actually selects both, this basically renders Cubasis useless when you are using more than one midi interface of the same type and name. I am using a genuine Apple USB/Charger adaptor, and an Apple USB hub. All interfaces work perfectly inside ModStep, as it has already addressed this issue.
I was just wondering if this is something that will eventually be fixed? Quite a few iOS midi apps suffer from this exact problem. I love Cubase, and I would so love to use Cubasis in the studio, but I cant use it…so sad. (Insert a shot of me crying!)


Thanks for your message.
Have shared the issue with our engineering and let you know about the outcome.


Thanks Lars,
Much appreciated.


As some kind of unsolicited spokesman for many folks who don’t get onto forums:
I am absolutely dazzled and enthused about Cubasis. Like, take a step back and marvel at what miracles there are, in a hilariously thin calculating device… even if you’re not blessed with a high age and compare, “Back then, all we had was mammooths and fourtracks…”, it is absolutely stunning.
So thanks to developers, engineers, whathaveyounot, and this informative and useful forum. You improve the world. (Big words, but I actually do believe in_Healing Powers Of Beatmusik_.)
One thing I haven’t sussed out yet: Is there a way to store effect (-chain) settings or at least copy them from one project to another?