Cubasis 2.1 available

Thanks for the kind words, we are very happy to hear that you like Cubasis!

Preset support for effects is on our list for quite some time, and we hope being able to add the feature sometime soon. To copy track and effect settings for other projects, the snapshot feature allows to create template-like projects.

These are the steps:

  • Create a project with the desired settings (e.g. free number of tracks, instruments, effects etc.)
  • Go to “Media/Projects” and make sure the project is selected
  • Tap the “camera” icon to create a snapshot of your project
  • Tap the created snapshot entry to create a new project with similar settings of the template

More details about the “snapshot” feature can be found in the MediaBay chapter of the Cubasis in-app help.

Hope that helps.


RoomWorks SE sounds fantastic but it’s also very resource hungry.
On my iPad 2, it pegs the CPU meter and starts crackling, so it’s basically unusable for real-time reverb.
In contrast the stock Cubasis reverb barely even moves the CPU meter when engaged.

Are there any settings in RoomWorks SE that might reduce the CPU drain?
Maybe a future upgrade could have a “light” mode that sacrifices some quality for less resource consumption?

Cubasis rocks, nice work Lars and team!

Hello Lars,
Thanks for your reply!
That snapshot is a useful feature, 600 undo steps might be too drainy on an ipad. So my “Template with favourite settings” should include all possibilities, maybe 3 best guitar setups, lots of channel strip setups, etc, so I rather have one template from where I could easily delete unused tracks, opposed to check other projects and copy from here and there and over there, too.
Since I have quite NFC about programming, I imagine a preset list a quite easy to implement feature (dunno how wrong I am). What brilliant showcase thing you could deliver: De-Esser preset for EQ, Nintendo preset for BItcrusher, “Long Haired Celebrity” preset for amp… and inspiring things to start from. As proven with Micrologue, some folks might look at it and go, “where’s the big ass modulation matrix?” etc, but the very useful presets… Mazeltov, great job!
Yak ( ^^)v

Hi Yak,

Thanks for your message.

Preset support is on our endless list of feature requests for quite some time. We’ll do our best to roll it in with one of the upcoming updates. Hope it will not take too long…


great software but…
I still can’t find where I can prepare en save the planning ( in transport markers ) of my song with several SONGPARTS, before I start recording: verse /refrain/bridge/verse etc…?

Now that the select button stays lit, I am no longer able to “play” the piano roll bar. Any touching in the edit screen seems to always be in select mode. I don’t see how this is “more convenient.”

Oh, nvm… it was just frozen. It worked when I closed Cubasis and reopened it.

Thank you for the Roomworks! It’s been a pain in the ass having to always use Audiobus to get a decent reverb.

Good to hear all works as expected and that you’re happy with Roomworks SE, which indeed is a fine reverb…


Great app and update!
Nice user interface and stability!
But I really hope the next release will include Aux and bus/subgroup to facilitate live routing for ear monitoring :slight_smile:.
A big missing point compared to Auria

Hi lamp,

Thanks for your message, we’re glad to hear that you like Cubasis so far!

Marker or arranger part support is included on our list. However I’m not able to let you know when these features will become available.