Cubasis 2.2 available

Dear all,

We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of our latest Cubasis update, version 2.2.

Cubasis 2.2 adds Note Repeat for creative chord and beat programming, and there is Track Duplicate for the creation of exact track copies alongside further additions and improvements.

Available as in-app purchase, Classic Machines extends Cubasis with a new drum instrument providing the sounds of the ten most iconic drum machines of the ’80s.

Also today Cubasis comes at 50% off in addition to all available in-app purchases that come at reduced prices as well.
The Hello Summer sale offer is valid through to July 18, 2017.

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Enjoy using Cubasis 2.2
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Classic Machines (IAP) made for Cubasis

Available as in-app purchase for Cubasis, Classic Machines offers the sound of the ten most iconic drum machines of the ’80s in one instrument. Each kit comes with 12 sounds and brings in two-styles - Classic and EFX. Classic Machines allows to easily program beats with great support of the intuitive on-board note repeat and velocity control. Likewise use the ready-to-go MIDI loops that are also part of this comprehensive package.

New features in Cubasis 2.2
• Classic Machines (in-app purchase) — Refill Cubasis with the legendary sounds of the ten most wanted iconic drum machines of the ’80s
• Note repeat — Program beats and chords the easiest way
• Track duplicate — Simply tap a button to create exact track copies
• Pad mapping copy & paste — Transfer your favorite drum and chord pad mappings to other tracks smoothly
• Cubasis reset option — Flick a switch to solve unexpected issues on the fly

Cubasis 2.2 Tutorial

Cubasis 2.2 Maintenance

Further Improvements
CB-3710 Audiobus SDK updated to the latest version 3.0.
CB-3409 Real-time mixdown and freeze option added to setup.

Audio Unit, Audiobus 3
CB-3706 Cubasis projects are no longer limited to 44.1kHz when the app is being connected to Audiobus 3.
CB-3720 Solves a potential stability issue when instantiating or unloading Audio Unit instruments or effects apps.
CB-3717 Solves a problem where Audio Unit instances are unloaded under certain circumstances.
CB-3656 Solves a rare problem where performing track freeze or mixdown during Inter-App Audio or Audio Unit loading can render Cubasis unreliable.
CB-3765 Solves a problem where assigning several Audio Unit instruments in rotation can render Cubasis unreliable.
CB-3697 Opening Audiobus apps via its corresponding track icon in the track list now works as expected.

MIDI, Instruments
CB-3659 Solves a rare issue where double tapping the rewind buttons does not result in locating the playhead at left locator position.
CB-3724 Resolves a problem where short overlaying note events remain unselectable in the MIDI editor.
CB-3759 Solves a problem where the on-board keyboard range is not updated properly when selecting a track.
CB-3707 Fixes a rare cosmetically issue that can appear when resizing the on-board keyboard.
CB-3794 Glueing overlapping MIDI events in the arranger window no longer result in shortened events.
CB-3768 Solves a problem where tapping similar named instrument presets can lead to unwanted instrument loading results.

Would be nice to see these instruments (classic machines) on cubase as well.
when i import a file from cubasis to cubase - the instrument-slot is empty…

You have NOT solved the extremely fundamental and basic issue CB1313 (Cubasis always sending midi to chennel 1), a key issue for using Cubasis at all ???

Please tell me that I’m wrong.
If not, those responsible for managing priorities in your team must have completely lost their mind from my view. Most of the fixes and new functions aren’t remotely as relevant for regular Cubasis use, as this urgent fix would have been!

Duplicate track and classic machines are very welcome additions, but the midi output fix is vital and more than overdue.

Brilliant update. Thank you.

Love Classic Machines. Had only just started to create vintage kits in minisampler. No need now. I can guess what most of the vintage kits are but REP 1 and REP 2 have got me stumped. Any clues? :slight_smile:

Hi ptlupin,

The Classic Machines are exclusively available for Cubasis.

When importing Cubasis projects that contain Classic Machines instruments into Cubase, appropriate MIDI tracks will be assigned to Groove Agent SE to let you choose which drum kit matches best to your taste.

To ensure full sound compatibility, we recommend freezing Classic Machines MIDI tracks before exporting a project.

Hope that helps.


One of the main strong sides of using Cubasis is the Cubase import functionality. Whenever we record something with Microsonic or Micrologue, we can have it in Cubase with Halion Sonic and Retrologue.

It is a pity and a weak solution not to provide the same functionality with Classic Machines. Why bother recording them in Cubasis, if I can’t edit their drum midi files in Cubase while still having the same sounds? Who wants just the rendered audio, and go back to his iPad to edit midi there, render to audio again, and export/import the audio once more?

The present solution is not more than a workaround, killing workflow, and doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Thanks for this, silly question but how do I upgrade to 2.2 from 2.1 on my iPad? Do I have to uninstall then reinstall the program? Currently searching ‘cubasis’ in the app store will only let me ‘open’ the app

Hi nickmclernon,

Thanks for your message.

In the AppStore you should see the current Cubasis 2.2 version which is a free update to existing customers.
When logging in with your iTunes account, the update should install after tapping the corresponding button.

If this remains to fail, it might make sense to restart the iPad, and refresh the WiFi-connection/AppStore log-in.

Hope that helps.


Very promising!

Is there a HOLD feature (per track) on the roadmap?



Please provide us with more details what feature you’re after.


Any update on when you guys plan to add tempo track/tempo automation to Cubasis? I’m loving this DAW but this feature is SORELY needed!!

Hi Rjibieta,

Thanks for your message.

Tempo/signature track is included on our list for quite some time.
Unfortunately I have no date at hand for you when the feature will make it in the app as of yet.


I need tempo track/tempo automation too I tought that cubasis pro has that feature. Im use cubase on PC for years, but if I known that cubasis cant do tempo automatization I would have bought another app insted. :,(

Hi adampege111,

All features included in Cubasis are clearly stated on the product website and within the app’s description.
Also, an additional online version of the in-app help of Cubasis is available on the product website as well.

While tempo/signature track support is on our feature list, it might take some time until begin available within the app.

Please get in touch with Apple, who handle the app related sales and ask them for a refund.


Why was Cubasis 2 updated to v2.2 (again) on November 2, 2017. I thought it was updated to v2.2 in July.

Hi Raucous,

Would expect this to be an Apple error.

Indeed, Cubasis 2.2, Cubasis LE 2.2 and Cubasis Importer 2.2 updates have been released back in July.
Next update featuring lots of great new features and improvements is in the making…