Cubasis 2.2 Project Importer available

Dear all,

The 2.2 update of the Cubasis Project Importer is available now.

This update grants compatibility with Cubasis 2.2 and is available for download at:

Additional Note:
When importing Cubasis projects that contain Classic Machines (in-app purchase) instruments into Cubase, appropriate MIDI tracks will be assigned to Groove Agent SE to let you choose which drum kit matches best to your taste. To ensure full sound compatibility, we recommend freezing Classic Machines MIDI tracks before exporting a project.

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(I am sorry if this has been covered before)
What about the micro sonic instruments are they in Halion Sonic 3?
I have Cubasis with no in-app purchase and Cubase pro 9 with Halion SE.
Projects imported to Cubase does not sound the same at all, for one thing midi instruments are different. But I think also some audio effects are differnt?

If I have demo mix in cubasis it generally do not sound close to what I wanted cubase (same audio chain), if it does not translate this it would help if there was an easier way of exporting separate tracks as audio to a zip collection file or something. When they are just separate files it is time consuming to get them out of the ipad as I see it.

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Hi Arne,

Thanks for your message.

When loading Cubasis projects to Cubase, the importer takes care of setting up the available features (depending on the Cubase version) in providing best matches to the original project.

To provide you with the best user experience and maximum performance on the iPad, some of the included instruments and effects in Cubasis are slightly different compared to the desktop versions. For the majority of instruments and effects, results should be similar or close. On other occasions, tweaking or rendered audio versions are the way to go.

To create separated audio tracks of your project, please follow these steps:
(1) Set left and right locators in your project accordingly
(2) Go to Media/Mixdown
(3) Tap "Create Mixdown)
(3) Choose “WAV” and activate the desired options (Mixdown between locators, Create separate files for tracks (!) etc.)

Transfer the files via one of the available options (AirDrop, iTunes FileSharing, Dropbox etc.)
Should be a straight forward process…

Additionally, please check if the following workshop is helpful for you:


Thanks for the explanation.

Regarding single tracks what I meant is that is would be great if the was a way to export the single tracks into one zip file. Now as I can see all types of mix downs are placed in the same folder for all projects and this can get a bit confusing specially when you start to export single tracks into the same area as well. Also easier to transfer as one file.

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