Cubasis 2.3.1 available

Dear all,

We have received many complaints regarding the Waves plug-in price indication in the Cubasis in-app shop.

In version 2.3, tapping the Waves parent folder displays the unit price for the individual plug-ins, where users have expected to see the price for the bundle in-app purchase.

To avoid irritation and confusion, we have decided to release an immediate update that addresses this problem, alongside a few minor issues.

Cubasis 2.3.1 and Cubasis LE 2.3.1 are available for immediate download on the App Store.

Best wishes,

Lars, as a Cubase user since 97, Advanced Cubase consultant and a producer of music reaching several million units in sales, Im strongly suggesting that you make these uptes to the iOS app ASAP to save your user base and credibility of the brand and this product.

Add midi plugin support and scale/chords
Add external midi support
Add batch import of audio (midi/projects as well)
Add ability to create folders in the media section.
Add ability to move the track position (up or down, to rearrange track order) in the arranger
Add ability to group tracks

Please hire more or better programmers as it is now several glitchs and sloppy code are present
Please adjust the plugin UI/UX its too ‘chunky’ has a slight remedial edge to it
Please add better interaction when selecting and adjusting parts in the arranger window
Please adjust how a plugin is placed on a track as it is now a new midi plugin you have to backtrack three screens to get the master list of plugins. THis should be the first place you start.

Everything I mention augments the workflow and limits the user experience and creativity. You goal is to provide working creative tools on this platform right?

Hi DX-Base,

Thanks for your message.

Add midi plugin support

All available effects can be used on MIDI and audio tracks…

Add external midi support

Already in, since Cubasis 1.0.

Add ability to move the track position (up or down, to rearrange track order) in the arranger

Long tap and move up/down will bring you there…

Add batch import of audio (midi/projects as well)

Add ability to create folders in the media section.

Add ability to group tracks

On our list…


The other suggestion:
Key commands Hotkeys for “QWERTY” heyboard
A lot of my clients here in LOS ANGELES pro audio (producers / composers) use keyboards on their iPAD Pro’s hitting the space bar to start / stop and other functionality is crucial.

Yes you have external MIDI support, however you have to add the track and select no instrument … and so on… I am speaking about a one step process and you have the ‘external midi Inst’ in the list.

MIDI Plugins are in reference to scale/chords (internal and external) for each track.

I was referring to Inst plugins that when you ADD an Inst, you get a different Inst than what you want and have to back track through 3 screens to be able to select Audio Units and or IAA Insts.

I can only confirm the fundamental workflow criticism, even if it does not concern all details named above.

The Cubasis team has been setting completely wrong priorities from my view in their last updates: pure gimmicks (like a drum box which seriously can’t be mirrored in Cubase) and things like mastering effects, instead of substantial workflow development.

  • the (after all this time still!) missing data folder/subfolder structure is a complete no go for regular Cubasis use: it forces you to scroll like hell as soon as the different Media categories fill up
  • the missing keyboard shortcuts, which could improve workflow a lot, are inexcusable meanwhile
  • the missing midi functionality for routing to different channels, needed to use third party plugins limited to interapp audio, is necessary (we had discussed that earlier)
  • setting up midi tracks could be a bit more straightforward, as mentioned above.
  • user templates are still missing (only a workaround via empty projects is possible, which makes the project window even more flooded due to missing subfolder structure)
    etc. etc.

The Cubasis development feels extremely slow concerning all these BASIC workflow issues, from my view as user, and nowhere near where it should be since it started. I really wanted to like Cubasis and to use it day in day out, because it could have been a great tool for mobile recording in connection with my main use of Cubase 9.5 pro. But based on the missing workflow development, and in view of the disappointing development speed, I have largely abandoned Cubasis meanwhile, apart from some really basic and minimalistic idea sketching. And yes, just like DX-Base, I think you will begin losing user base going on like that.

It is the pairing of Cubase Pro and Cubasis which is essential for both sides. The very last thing really needed for Cubasis from my view is standalone mixing and mastering on an iPad (that is done MUCH better and MUCH more efficient and flexible in Cubase, with masses of high quality VST plugins available there). Cubasis should first of all be a fast recording (NOT: mixing and mastering!) tool, for fast and efficient workflow in connetion with Cubase. You are simply wasting user time (and patience) and ignoring real everyday user preferences, while setting completely other priorities, IMHO.

Hi jimknopf,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis has seen lots of regular updates since its initial release, all of them free for existing customers.
With every release, we try to fulfil the most requested user wishes, while maintaining the app.
Given the large number of Cubasis users, usecases and requests can be different, making it impossible to keep everybody satisfied per update release.

We will soon release our next update, which might include some of your requests…

In regards to your “user template” request, this can be easily done via the “snapshot” feature:

1 - Create a new project with your desired settings
2 - Go to MediaBay/Projects
3 - Optional: Give the selected/active project a unique name
4 - Tap the “Camera” icon to create a snapshot

Double tapping the created snapshot always creates a new project version, with the exact same settings of the snapshot.


Any news on the tempo track?

Hi Phrygian Punk,

Tempo Track is on our list for future updates, but not expected to be included short-term (due to extraordinary engineering efforts).


Dear Lars,
I would love to know if keyboard shortcuts are something you’re considering for one of your future releases?
For me personally this is THE feature I miss the most. I’m a guitarist so I usually record with my instrument on my lap being very much entangled by many, many cables. And since my iPad is always held upright by it’s magnetic keyboard cover I find myself dreaming about a simple “R” to record or “Cmd + Z” to undo :wink:
Unlike many requested features this doesn’t seem to require “extraordinary engineering effort”, and I can assure you it would make many of your guitar playing users VERY happy!

Thank you!