Cubasis 2.3 won't record Axon 2 AU

Hello all,
I’m new to cubasis and I’m finding problems trying to record drum patterns from the audiodamage Axon 2. I’m using it as an audio unit inside of cubasis, but every time I try to record it, while it shows the recording process going on, when I stop it there’s nothing at the end, the track remains empty. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or it has to do with the midi set up, although I thought it wouldn’t be necessary a midi setting since I’m running Axon as an au. Besides that I’ve tried to use Axon as an inter-app as well, but the same result comes out, an empty track. Does any one have a clue on this?

Hi rgibran,

Thanks for your message, which I’ve shared with our friends at Audio Damage.
Please make always sure to have 3rd party app developers informed about issues with Cubasis.