Cubasis 2.5 and summer sales available

What’s New in Cubasis 2.5

Native Resolution Support for iPad Pro 10.5″ and 12.9″:
Enjoy razor-sharp graphics and text, paired with a dramatic increase in the number of visible tracks within the arranger and mixer, substantial workflow improvements and much more!

Freely assignable effect slots:
Use the pre-loaded award-winning channel strip and StudioEQ effects, or simply tap to replace them with other effects of your choice. And give your sound a good polish, utilizing the five assignable insert plug-ins per track.

MediaBay multiple file import:*
Cubasis provides excellent and unmatched usability, helping you to capture your inspirations right there on the go. To speed up your workflow even more, Cubasis 2.5 allows to import multiple files at once, thanks to its revised Files import feature available in the MediaBay.

*MediaBay multiple file import requires iOS 11.

Cubasis 2.5 Version History

CB-4393 Channel strip plug-in is now available in every insert, send and master effect slot.
CB-4303 Audiobus SDK has been updated to version 3.0.4.
CB-4483 Having “Background Audio” enabled no longer leads to battery drain, while Cubasis is running and the iPad goes to sleep mode.
CB-4431 Choosing available M4A bitrates now works as expected again.
CB-4187 Solves a problem, where renamed AU tracks are not correctly remembered when reloading a project.
CB-4391 Addresses a serious issue, where pasting audio events could lead to lost audio files.
CB-3761 Resetting time stretch no longer leads to overlapping attack/release lines.
CB-4283 Solves a problem with incorrect mute status when duplicating a muted audio track.

amazing work guys :smiley:

Yes, I too benefitted from the sale. Gonna compare Cubaseis to Auria Pro. By no means an expert, I just want to create a stables music system on an iPad. A great app, but Auria is very temperamental in my tablet.

Hi Lars,

I just purchased Cubasis 2 and the purchase and the install went fine.

Tried to purchase the in app plugins and it is saying “Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed”

I wanted to take advantage of the sale price…

Cubasis 2 - latest as only just installed it
IOS 11.4

Any ideas?


Hi darkglove,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis family!

The iOS app and in-app purchases are fully handled by Apple.

I’d suggest to give the in-app purchase another try.
If the problem persists, you may give the iPad a full restart.



I thought that would be the case but I already have and they told me that it was handled by Steinberg…

Here we go…

Hi darkglove,

The App Store and associated services such as IAP is handled by Apple.
The app and its associated in-app purchases are carefully tested by us before every release.

Since others have succesfully purchased Cubasis 2.5 and/or the in-app purchases, we can presume things work as expected here.
So it seems something is wrong with the Apple Store and/or the connection to it.

You might give these tips a try:

Hope that helps!


Just grabbed it while on sale to use to create MIDI Lightshows for my Novation Launchpad and seemingly not working. I put MIDI out on channel 6 as normal, and NOTHING. If I turn Midi thru on it plays when I click on a pad on the Launchpad but if I play a MIDI File of the same taps I get NOTHING. This was the main reason for me to purchase this app and it doesn’t seem to function properly. Please advise, if this is not possible how may I get a refund on the app? Thank you

Edit, if I put output to ALL channels the light show works. Going to check which it is in Cubasis but normally in other DAW’s like Ableton Live the output channel for the Launchpad MK2 is Channel 6. Problem SOLVED!!! Yay

Thanks for the update, Kwekwe!
We’re glad to hear you’ve been able to solve the problem!


Thanks Lars,

Was something wrong Apple end surprise surprise, sorted now though


Hi dark glove,

Thanks for the update.
Glad to hear, the issue has been sorted!

Have great fun and enjoy using Cubasis and the in-app purchases!


Damn! I missed the summersale☹️Could you please reopen it for one day? Seriously!

Hi Mehlhut,

Thanks for your message.

Please make sure to subscribe to Steinberg’s newsletter.
That way you do not miss upcoming sales promos.


I just purchased an ipad JUST so I could purchase Cubasis! Unfortunately, I missed the sale. Anyone know if there will be another sale soon for all of the other in-app plugin purchases? I am interested in everything including all of the WAVES plugins!


Hi Joe,

Best thing might be to subscribe to the Steinberg newsletter, making sure not to miss on upcoming sales promos.


Curious as to why I wasn’t notified of this sale as I purchased and registered Cubase Pro 9.5 on June 19th? Never heard a thing from Steinberg, really poor way to treat a customer (went back and checked all emails from Steinberg, nothing about this).

Hi sugarnutz1,

Thanks for your message.
Please make sure to subscribe to the Steinberg newsletter, to be informed about all news from Steinberg.


I am subscribed, still no newsletter. Got my authorizations from Steinberg fine via email, I own my own mail server, no spam filters in place.

Hi sugarnutz,

Cubasis and all in-app purchases are on sale for a very limited time right now.
Make sure not to miss…