Cubasis 2.8.1 maintenance update available

Dear all,

Cubasis is known for profound features paired with outstanding usability.
To assure that nothing blocks your creative flow, we’ve decided to release Cubasis 2.8.1 adressing the following issues:

CB-4655 Importing a sample into MiniSampler in a Cubasis project that is set to a sample rate of 48 kHz or 96 kHz, no longer leads to wrong pitch.
CB-4656 Sharing projects that include MiniSampler user instruments, now include the associated MiniSampler instrument file.

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FabFilter and other apps are now out that allows the apps to sidechain. On these apps forums they explain that in order to use the sidechain effects the maker of the DAWs will have to enable this feature. When will we expect something with this ability?

Hi Thejeremyshaver,

Thank you for your message.

Sidechain support is on our list for future updates.
At this point I’m unable to give an estimate, when the feature will become available in Cubasis.


It would also be great to use bussing in tracks, metering, putting a track in mono, and subgroups. What I have to do personally is record In Cubasis and use the elaborate plugins that I have purchased that Cubasis provides. And then I make my tracks then unfortunately I have to bus each track in to Auria Pro, not sure if your familiar with the program, and use the features there to master. I’d like to see that capability in Cubasis make it a one stop shop. Thanks for hearing me out. I know thats a lot of code to write. Also im not sure if you have created Cubasis to be a training wheels programs to then step up to Cubase