Cubasis 2.8.2 available

Does Cubasis 3 or 2 have support for midi controllers/keyboards? - I did not buy the original Cubasis because I couldn’t use a keyboard with it. It is ambiguous in your promotional material and it is useless to me without these features.

If Cubasis 2 is cheaper than 3,
And 2 works with iOS 12 what would be the point of
1, updating iOS and risk apps/effects/synths not working.
2, paying £49.00 for Cubasis 3, which is more or less the same as 2…
I for one will NOT update my iOS to accommodate cubasis3.
I have over 80 (AU effects) 40+ (AU synth apps)
Even if it was discounted I would still not risk it.

Lately I have read so many users of Cubasis 3 have found it to be extremely buggy…
If it was created from scratch surely theses bugs should have been corrected before releasing it.

Thanks, but no thanks…

I’m sticking with Cubasis 2…

Hi Mitikas,

Hardware controller support remains on our list for future updates.


Hi lsd87,

Please note that Cubasis 2.8.3 has just been released, which resolves the issue: