Cubasis 2 - 96kHz recording problem

I’ve seen a few questions about recording in 96kHz but haven’t seen any solutions. Does it work at all.

I have the following setup:

  • iPad Air 2 with iPad OS 14.4.2
  • Cubasis 2.8.5
  • IK Multimedia iRig Pro

IK Multimedia iRig Pro does have support for 96kHz recording but when I try to change the project settings in iPad to 96kHz, I get the following message:

iRig Pro supports 96kHz and there are no other apps open on the iPad. So, how to get forward?

Has someone managed to use 96kHz in Cubasis 2 or 3?

Hi @Hko,

Thank you for your message.
Your iPad device in use seem to be the limiting factor here.

Please have a look at our dedicated Revised sample rate handling in Cubasis 2.7 article.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

Hi, thanks - checked that article out but doesn’t it work so that when an external audio interface like iRig Pro is used also the 96 kHz recording setup should be available?

If my iPad is the one which prevents me from using 96 kHz, is there a list of iPads supporting 96 kHz available somewhere?

Hi @Hko,

When using a audio device which supports 96 kHz, it should be possible to create and use 96 kHz projects (as long as the hardware is connected).


Ok, I think I got it on the second reading. It is the monitoring side (i.e. headphone or speaker out on the iPad which forces the lower sampling rate to be set. So, there is no way I can use iRig Pro on 96 kHz because the monitoring is through the headphone output on my iPad.

Would my iPhone 11 Pro Max support 96 kHz, if I got Cubasis 3 to go with it?

Got myself an Apogee One (iPad/MAC version) secondhand. Now also 96 kHz option is selectable and works on my iPad Air 2.

Hi @Hko,

Glad to hear you’ve been able to solve the issue yourself!