Cubasis 2 and Arpeggiators

I would like to request that Steinberg make a arpeggiator plugin within Cubasis 2 that can record MIDI, similar to Arpache and Arpache SX, but with even more features.

I the meantime I have been using apps like StepPolyArp, Arpeggist, etc. I have found them fun when they work, but they are not 100% reliable. Does anyone have any tips, ideas for routing and favorite ideas for recording them as stable as possible? Does inter app audio work better than or worse than audiobus and are there any audio unit arpeggiators available?

Thank you

I have the same request and the same issues. Cubasis doesn’t seem to send out proper timing information, even to its internal delays. I can get the arps from Sunrizer and the RP-1 delay to sync perfectly in Modstep, but it is just chaos in Cubasis. It’s a bug, they really need to get this straight.

Hi all,

Beat sync will be improved with the next Cubasis update.
From what I’ve read here the fix might also improve the StepPolyArp and Arpeggist issue.

Have sent both companies a short message to exchange about the topic.


@pfrf - it is nice to know that you had similar issues!

@LSlowak - thank you very much for the reply, I will be looking forward to the next update!

It helps to know it’s not just specific to one’s own system, doesn’t it?
And thanks, LSlowak, I appreciate the reply as well, and the attention to the issue.

We’ve excahnged beta versions with Laurent Colson and he confirms that things have improved.
The fix will be inluded in the next update of Cubasis.


FAO: LARS, Steinberg Software & Product Design.
That will be great, Lars!!
Only, I have recently just purchased Cubasis 2 for an iPad2 Air 128GB, activated it all today - and was then somewhat disappointed to find that:-

  1. it does not have a Synth Arpeggiator Function?
  2. also, it does indeed have some lovely, useable Pianos, Rhodes, ‘Hammond’ Organ, Strings, Synth & Brass, varied Bass & Drums Sounds - BUT!! - NO JAZZ GUITAR?!- why ‘at all’ not??? Could yourselves possibly fix this issue too in your next Cubasis Update, please?!
    NB. I am a long-term Professional User of Cubase, since Day One of Cubase on the old Atari ST/STE Computer(s)…

Hi Sparkes2016,

Thanks for your message.

Welcome to the Cubasis family, I’m glad to hear your happy with the app and its content so far.

We plan to update the app on a regular basis as we did in the past. New versions and features will be announced once they become available.

Regarding your questions:

Arpeggiator -
I suggest to have a look at third party apps that provide Inter-App Audio or Audio Unit support, which can be easily integrated into Cubasis.

Jazz Guitar -
I will make sure to add this request to our backlog for a future update.

Have lots of fun and creative moments using Cubasis!