Cubasis 2 and Jamup Pro latency issue!s

Hey there,

I own an iPad Air 2, 32 gig, recently purchased new. I have OS 10.1.1 installed. Using a Line 6 Sonic Port VX which has no latency as an interface. I got a guitar plugged into it with a regular 1/4 inch cable. I’m getting my tones from Jamup Pro, which I own and have all amp and fx packs unlocked.

I am having an issue working with Jamup Pro and Cubasis 2. I seem to be having latency issues, I am picking on my guitar and it’s slightly late… very distracting. I got the lowest possible latency set in Jamup Pro and Cubasis 2 however it is still noticeable.

I tried purchasing and using the Audio Bus app, setting the latency to the lowest possible setting in there too, still the same latency issue.

I also set the buffer in Cubasis 2 to the lowest setting, still to no avail.

Another problem I am having is that it seems Cubasis is overlapping a dry audio DI signal of my guitar and the distortion tone that I have dialed in within Jamup. No idea how to get rid of the DI tone which is also very distracting.

Help! This is very frustrating and if it can be solved my Cubasis investment would come alive! :slight_smile:

Hi Russell,

Thanks for your message.

Please get in touch with Positive Grid to let them know about the issue.
If helpful, we’re able to support them with a Cubasis promo code to evaluate the issue.