Cubasis 2 and Korg's inter-app audio

Hello everyone!
Recently I bought Cubasis 2 in the hope of using inter-apps audio. Unfortunately Cubasis can’t find apps such as Module or Gadget by Korg. But actually it found some other apps which can be used as inter-apps. So, I wanted ask,is it possible to use this kind off audio application? Or Cubasis categorically doesn’t work with Korg’s applications?

Hi Nikarusbass,

Cubasis supports all kinds of IAA types:

• Effects can be set as insert or send effects
• Instruments are assigned to a MIDI track and automatically receive MIDI from Cubasis
• Generators are inputs for audio tracks

It always depends on the app manufacturer what type of nodes are available.

Given your example it seems that Korg does not provide MIDI compatible IAA instruments.
That’s why they do not appear in the list, when a MIDI track is selected.

These are the steps to use the Korg instrument apps in Cubasis via IAA:

  • Create an audio track
  • Open the Routing tab in the inspector
  • Tap “Mono input”
  • Choose “Inter-App” in the Audio Inputs pop up
  • Choose the desired Korg instrument apps from the list

Please find more information about IAA right here:

In general, Apple’s Audio Unit format works more straight forward and many app vendors updated their instruments to be compatible to this standard.

Hope that helps!


It doesn’t seem that Module or Gadget are supported by Korg for IAA, I have both on my iPad.
However, the excellent Korg iM1 does have IAA support and I’ve used it extensively, purchasing the “all M1 cards” option gives a huge amount of great sounding synth patches.

I hope Korg will someday update this app to use AU as well…

Hi 642carl,

Can immediately assign both of them (Modular, Gadget) to a Cubasis audio track via IAA.
In earlier IAA forum topics, I have listed the additional steps how to setup Cubasis to record MIDI next to audio, given the 3rd party app supports IAA audio only.

Please make sure to let Korg knows about your AU request!


Hola. Tengo Cubasis2 en mi Ipad pero no me permite poner varias instancias de Korg M1 app. Podrían indicarme la forma de hacerlo, o no es posible. Agradecere su repuesta.

Hi @CarlosValladares,

Thanks for your message.

As far as I know, Korg’s M1 is limited to support Inter-App Audio, which comes with the limitation to load only a single instance of the plug-in.

I suggest to get in touch with Korg to let them know that you would be interested in getting an Audio Unit version of the instrument. Audio Units can be loaded multiple times, and can be seen as Apple’s successor of the Inter-App Audio format.

Hope that helps!

Stay safe,

Muy agradecido. Haré lo que me sugieres.

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Hi @CarlosValladares,

Thanks for your feedback!

Here’s to hope that Korg has plans to release AU versions of their fantastic mobile apps too!

Stay well,