Cubasis 2 and MacBook Air with M1

I’m thinking to buy new Air with M1, Apple promise compatibility with iOS software, so I dreaming to install on it my favorite Cubasis 2 - is anybody tested this?
Thank you)

Hi @Mitikas,

Thank you for your message.
As of yet, Cubasis is exclusively available for iOS and Android only.

Hope that helps!


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Thank you, Lars!
So I’m keep waiting)

Thank you very very much!!!

Hi @Kitesrfun1, Hi @Mitikas,

Unchanged, Cubasis is exclusively available for iOS and Android only as of yet.

The clip (posting deleted) shows an unauthorized app. From what we have been informed by Apple, it should no longer be possible to install unsupported apps on the M1.

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Ok, Lars!
Thank you! But I hope in the future it’ll be possible official - we need it, its a great possibility.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I was just searching to see if I could find anything about Cubasis being made available on M1 Macs. I can understand the many reasons Steinberg might not ever be interested in doing that (and based on the couple year old responses it seems that’s the case), but in a perfect world, it would be awesome.

Any chance it could happen?

Hi @TheDayMan,

Thank you for your message!

As of yet, we have no further information to share in regards to a Cubasis macOSS release.

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