Cubasis 2 AUv3 not sync to tempo

Using cubasis 2, ios12.3.
AU3FX DUB delay by kymatica does not sync to the bpm.
also tried on ios13, does not sync…

but on ios 14.4, Cubasis 2 it syncs fine.
i was told by kymatica that it is a Cubasis issue?
can someone confirm

CUBASIS 2… IOS12. 3, or 13.
cubasis fault? or kymatica fault??

thank you.

Hi @pauly85,

When using Audio Unit plug-ins with Cubasis 3.2, we strongly recommend that you update your iPhone and iPad devices to iOS/ iPadOS 14.2, which resolves several Audio Unit-related problems. I would think the same goes for Cubasis 2 as well.

Best wishes,

thanks Lars,
but I have many delay AUv3 effects, no problem syncing with cubasis 2…

AU3FX also doesn’t sync in Nanostudio, so I really can’t think it’s a cubasis issue
why would one delay not sync if all others sync fine?

AU3FX works fine in AUM as well.

so I’m confused… :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

thanks again Lars…