Cubasis 2 LE upgraded to Cubasis 2 w/usb interface promo offer halting Cubasis 3 IAP transfer?

First off I am sorry to @LSlowak if he has answered this particular issue but after searching this forum and the Steinberg forum I haven’t seen anything similar to my situation.

Cubasis 3 IAP transfer from Cubasis 2 (upgraded from Cubasis 2 LE promo offer) not working.

Several years ago I purchased a Tascam US 2x2 USB interface that included a code to upgrade Cubasis 2 LE on iOS to the full Cubasis 2 version. I bought Cubasis 2 LE on the App Store and using the promo offer I was able to upgrade to the full Cubasis 2. Over time I purchased every IAP purchase available. I like Steinberg’s products and don’t have an issue supporting the company within reason, so I just bought the new Cubasis 3 app.All information stated that Cubasis 2 IAP would be transferable to Cubasis 3.

When I installed Cubasis 3 and attempted to restore my Cubasis 2 IAP (app v.2.8.2) it did not work. No dialog box pop up, when I hit “restore purchases “ a notice saying no purchases found pops up.

I expected to see my Cubasis 2 IAP purchases transferred/honored in Cubasis 3. What actually happened was the exact opposite, nothing, no transfer, etc.

I am using an iPad Air 3 with iPadOS 13.2.3, the Cubasis 3 version is the brand new version from the store, the Cubasis 2 version is 2.8.2

I have run into issues over the years because of the upgrade path I took from Cubasis 2 LE to the full version. I once wrote on the Steinberg forum to @LSlowak suggesting that if the USB interface upgrade bonus promotion the company used for so long was such a big hassle why do it? Why not give customers like me the full version so this couldn’t be used as an excuse for bugs and compatibility issues in the future? Well here we are again…

I paid the $50 for version 3. I have purchased all of the IAP that Steinberg has made available through Cubasis. I have always put over Cubasis as a great piece of software for music production, writing positive reviews whenever possible. All I want is for my IAP’s to be usable in version 3, that’s it!

The only solution I could gather from this forum & Steinberg’s was something about a Cubasis 3 LE version coming in March and that may allow the IAP to be used?..The whole reason the LE version exists is for people to see how good the app is and then hopefully upgrade to the full version. Why are the LE to full version upgrades gimped like this? Just honor the app as the full version if someone upgrades!

I still want Cubasis 3 and don’t feel any of this inconvenience should be shouldered on the customer. Every time issues like this arise developers retreat behind the “Apple handles all the purchases, refunds, etc.” excuse, like there’s some cloudy confusion about their relationship with Apple. I do not want to wait months for what I just purchased. Either codes for the IAP’s in Cubasis 3 or an Apple Store credit for that amount should be provided. Because my only other option is what? Getting a full refund on the Cubasis 3 app? Because of the way I upgraded to Cubasis 2 from 2 LE the solution of me getting Cubasis 3 LE won’t work because it will then cost me more money to upgrade to the full version of 3. Come on man…

@Lslowak Lars I’d really appreciate your help with this. Thank you…

Hi JRSIVMusic,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately, Apple does not offer any crossgrade options between separate apps.

Please note that I’ve release a dedicated Cubasis LE 3 article about the topic in all Cubasis-related forums:

We plan to add a similar IAP Transfer option to Cubasis LE 3, to allow transferring Cubasis LE 2 in-app purchases to Cubasis LE 3.
This option is not planned for the Cubasis LE 2 Full Feature Set in-app purchase.

We also plan to add a new Cubasis LE 3 Full Feature Set IAP, that allows to update Cubasis LE 3 with all features of Cubasis 3.
Here, the app name and app icon remains to be Cubasis LE 3, as it is the case with Cubasis LE 2.

Hope that helps!


@LSlowak : I went ahead and re-purchased all the IAP’s in Cubasis 3. If I import projects from Cubasis 2, ahem, Cubasis 2 LE, I need them to be completely compatible (i.e. if I used a Waves plug in or Steinberg plug in).

I use Cubasis all the time in my PROFESSIONAL project studio, not only where I write & record my own songs, but also where I earn money helping other musicians/songwriters create demos, full projects, even jingles. Getting my IAP’s transferred was necessary to use Cubasis 3 in my studio, but after going round and round on the forums I got the hint that purchasing them again was my only recourse…

I am a big fan of Cubasis and will still use it in my studio as much as ever but I won’t forget the way an issue of semantics basically cost me another $40+. Lars I hope you understand that when someone pays to get pro features in an app which then operates JUST LIKE the full version does that they’d then have an expectation of being treated like a pro user.

I do appreciate your time and responses to me. I am sincere in the fact that I absolutely love Cubasis and working within the iOS music production realm; creating music anywhere I wish has opened up new avenues that desktops & laptops just didn’t provide.

I hope Cubasis 3 is a big hit and I am hopeful that now that I’m “officially” a Cubasis proper user, I won’t experience any further issues using the app.

Thanks Lars