cubasis 2 metronom record problem!

Hello, I have ipad air and cubesis 2 sound card ur22mk2. When I listen to the metronome after recording the instrument on the instrument record, when I listen to it, the metronome enters in the record. What is wrong with you is what the problem is. Equipment Akg 92 headset mxl 990 microphone and steinberg ur22mk2. Thank you

Hi Pautokul,

Thanks for your message.

Please specify the recording steps more in detail.

Could it be possible that the metronome is included in your recordings due to crosstalk of your headphone in use?

If so, lowering the overall volume or volume of the metronome, leaving a clear space between the microphone and headphone etc. should be helpful to avoid crosstalk.


Hello, LSlowak
I did not fully understand my headphone closed headset (akg 92 reference headset)
My sound card steinberg ur22 mkll
Microphone mxl 990
Connectivity cable APPLE Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
Cubasis 2

When I open the metronome and record the instrument, the metronome goes into record. Normally, the metronome should not be lost.
My problem is that I looked at the settings with Cubasis 2 on this iPad, but I could not find a setting.

Thank you.

Hi Pautikul,

Gave the UR22mKII a short recording check with a microphone, and things work as expected here.
To double check, if the problem is caused by crass talk please follow these steps:

  • Launch Cubasis and create an audio track
  • Make sure the appropriate UR22mkII channel is correctly chosen in the Routing tab of the inspector
  • Make sure the metronome is activated
  • Level down the headphone signal so the metronome sound is not audible at all
  • Start your test recording

Expected result:

  • The recorded audio track should contain no metronome signal

Please let me have your feedback about the result.

P.S.: Searching the web should be helpful in fining useful tips how to avoid crosstalk e.g when using headphones etc.