Cubasis 2 mixing up audio clips


I have a strange problem - a bit like the one report under “Really annoying bug”. I am running Cubasis 2.0 on and iPad Pro 9.7 and iOS 10, though I think I had the same problem with the previous version of Cubasis. I have loads of free space (over 100GB).

Anyway, on two separate occasions I have had the following problem: I have been recording audio, and frequently recording, deleting, and re-recording small sections of audio trying to get the particular section perfect - i.e. recording and rerecording a bar or two of guitar or vocals multiple times. I delete the take I’m not happy with, re-record, and if I’m still nothappy, I delete and re-record. Etc.

After hours of this, I finally end up with something I’m happy with. I listen back to it - everything plays fine, all is good. I close down Cubasis, thinking that I will return to do the finishing touches a bit later.

However, on opening up the app, I find that all the audio clips are messed up. Everything looks fine - the audio clips look just like they did when I closed the app - but strange things have happened:

1] in some cases, many of the different audio clips in one track have been transformed into the same piece of audio, but of different lengths: so where I had three different audio clips (e.g. of 10 seconds, 5 seconds, and 4 seconds), I have the same piece of audio but just in three different lengths.

2] on some tracks, the order of the audio clips has messed up.

Much of the original audio is in the trash section, but when there are lots and lots of of them, it’s extremely difficult to piece them back together.

The whole thing is extremely frustrating. Any suggestions would be most welcome, because while I love using Cubasis if I can’t trust it to keep the work I’ve done I can’t keep using it. I haven’t tried deleting the app and re-installing yet, as I need to get all the successful projects off the iPad first, but that might be something I should try…

A quick edit to the post above - a lot of the audio, it turns out, is not in the trash. Just missing…

Hi Matty,

In order to support you please provide me with a step by step description how to reproduce the issue.
That way we’re able to give it a repro and evaluate the problem.


Hi Lars,

Thanks for the response. At the moment I can’t say exactly what I was doing, but I will see if I can reproduce the problem in another project. But I did discover something interesting yesterday.

was working on the project that had gone wrong, and started to re-record the clips that had been lost. I noticed that when I recorded a new clip on one particular track, the “clip counter” in the name did not change. In this particular case, there were nine clips (I think) on the track. I recorded three more, but rather than these being named as “Track 2 (10)” then “Track 2 (11)” then “Track 2(12)” every clip I recorded was named “Track 2(10)”. The track played back fine at first, but the fact that they all have the same name explains why at a subsequent occasion the original audio of clips 11 and 12 were replaced with the audio that formed clip 10.

As I said I will play around to see if I can reproduce this behaviour, but it tends to be after repeated recording, deleting, re-recording, and often app-switching (to AnyTune Pro, to listen to the bits I am trying to play).

best wishes,


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your message.

As stated before an exact repro / step by step description would be required to give the issue a repro at our end.
That way we’re able to evaluate a fix (in case there is a problem).