Cubasis 2 not on iphone

Hi there!
I have just purchased the cubasis 2 app on an ipad Pro, but then I thought that it would be much easier for me if I could have it on my phone to make it easier to sync the projects on the go so, since I was on Samsung Android platform, I decided to buy a iphone XS max, which I have done.
Now my problem is (maybe my fault), that after buying the iphone, I realized that there is no Cubasis 2 app on this iphone.
My questions are:

  1. Was there the cubasis 2 app available for this iphone ever, or it was just for the ipad?
  2. If the app was never for iphone, and it’s my fault for not checking this before, can I do something now to upgrade to cubasis 3 (which I found on the iphone appstore), but without paying the whole price for it?
  3. If I upgrade to cubasis 3 , can this app be shared and synced between 2 devices (ipad and iphone)?
    Thank you for every information. I am at the beggining with this software and that’s why I am so “pannicked” :cry: so don’t be to hard on me please. :wink:

Hi Razvan,

Thank you for your message.
Regarding your questions:

  1. Cubasis 2 is available for iPad only
  2. If you just purchased Cubasis 2 by accident, it might be worth a try to get in touch with Apple to ask them for a refund.
  3. Cubasis 3 is an universal app, which means you can run it both on the iPad and iPhone at the same time.

Hope that helps!