Cubasis 2 now available

Hello :slight_smile: Just updated Cubasis to 2.0 on IOS 9.35 and it crashes on startup! If I reinstall Cubasis will my projects/data be gone? Do I need to update to IOS 10? I fear that other apps, which arent ready for IOS 10 wont start anymore… :neutral_face:

It’s nice to see Cubasis 2 arrive with lots of cool new features and as a free update, to boot. However, there are dark clouds. What must be the most requested feature, a Tempo/Signature track, appears to still be missing. There is a static Tempo/Signature setting, but that is not the same thing. Believe it or not, not everyone is making static music-styles, such as EDM. In many music styles, tempo changes are mandatory. I believe Cubasis is the world’s only DAW that does not include some kind of tempo track!

Secondly, I see no improvements regarding integration with Cubase. Steinberg has greatly improved the process of transferring audio files between Cubase and WaveLab. So, why not between Cubase and Cubasis, which would be an even more logical choice?

Yes, there is the “Cubasis Project Importer” for Cubase, but that is only of any use for projects that start out in Cubasis. Using Cubasis as a mobile recording option for exciting projects entails preparing the project (including rendering all MIDI files as audio files) in Cubase, exporting the audio-files as stems, importing these audio-files into Cubasis, exporting the newly recorded audio-files from Cubasis (again as stems), importing the newly recorded audio-files into Cubase, cleaning up the tracks (removing large chunks of silent audio, etc.). This is a very labour intensive and time consuming task. It’s also the type of task that computers excel in automating!

I will rate Cubasis in AppStore. But, unfortunately, it will receive a much lower rating than it would have, had Steinberg seen fit to address these important issues.

Are you able to access your projects via iTunes filesharing ? or iFunbox ? If you can, you can back them up before trying anything that may cause them to disappear.

Hi JayZen,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis 2 has been tested on iOS 9 and should not crash on startup.
Also it is not required to delete previous versions before installing an app update normally.

Following Andy’s suggestion it is always strongly recommended to backup projects and other data on a regular basis via the available options such as FileSharing, WiFi Server etc. (please learn more about this in the MediaBay chapter of the in-app help).

Please give it a try to shut down the iPad and restart, to see if Cubasis 2 can be launched as expected.

If launching the app still fails, please come up with a separate topic, so we’re able to support you.

Hope that helps.


Hi Svenne,

Thanks for your message.

We’re aware about your tempo/signature track and the feature request is included on our list.

Cubasis is made by a small team and we carefully evaluate features and their costs before setting up the scope for upcoming updates in regards to our roadmap.

While I’m not able to give you a date when to expect the feature, please note that it is on our list.
We will also add your request and recommendations regarding transferring Cubase projects to Cubasis.


Relaunched trice, no chance. Guess I need to back up via pc, cause iCloud back up is way to slow anyway for my all my current projects (21,6 gb) hope it works, if it didnt, I’ll report in a separate topic/post,


Hi JayZen,

Hope the update issue can be solved quickly at your end.

In any case, please make sure to regularly your projects and other files.
Data lost caused by whatever reason can be very painful!



Is Cubasis 2 optimised for iPad Pro 12.9"? If not, when is this planned?

Just an assumption since I see no specific mention: still no iPhone support?

I presume still no Iphone support, any plans for the future?

Thank you for this marvelous update.

Where are the busses? Lslowak had mentioned this should be in this update. Did I read something wrong?
This is an obvious and much needed improvement. What happened?
Thanks for the free update. I will still gladly pay for a decent reverb and busses. Any idea on when this may happen?
The busses have been spoken about since January or earlier. I’m wondering why they weren’t implemented here?

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’d like to say something. Thanks so much for pushing ahead and developing this. We all know that cubasis isn’t perfect, but equally we know it’s a fantastic but software. For me there only serious limitations I have are about the lack of audio unit support for guitar fx, and aside from including a greater array in cubasis, this isn’t really a Steinberg issue. I would like to give a huge round of thanks to the team.

I can’t remember where but I read some where that we need to delete Cubasis 1 before downloading Ver 2 on iOS, is that true? If so, will I lose any projects or IAA’s associated with those projects?

Also in Ver 2 can we use the same IAA plug in and use 2 different amp sims on the same track? For instance I have the Amplitude App and I have the Soldano Amp sim and the Orang Amp sim. I like to mix those amp sims to get my guitar sound. Thank you.

Cubasis 2 runs fine on the iPad Pro 12.9 but does not provide specific screen size options.
The topic is included in our backlog but unlikely to be changed within one of the next updates.

New features/versions will be announced once updates become available.

Please give Cubasis 2 a try on the super iPad Pro 12.9 (have it in use myself).
Cubasis 2 looks and performs great in my opinon.


We monitor the market on a regular basis for future release options (including the iPhone, Android etc.).
New versions will be announced once they become available.


Thanks Lars. I’m planning to get a 12.9 iPad in a few weeks so will give it a go. Thanks to the Steinberg team for the v2 update. I particularly like the new presets.

Normally it is not required to delete previous app version to install latest updates.

We strongly suggest to run regular backups of files/projects to protect your data in case of unforseeable problems.
Cubasis offers numerous formats to do so such as iTunes File Sharing, WiFi Server, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, external hardware & wireless drives etc.

Please refer to the Mixdown chapter of the Cubasis in-app help to learn more about the available options and how to use them.


Hi Kynan1,

Thanks for your message.

Please note that we announce new features and versions once an update becomes available only.

Cubasis is driven by a very small but powerful and skilled team.

We are aware of many feature requests and evaluate those carefully on a regular basis. Also we do our best to find the best compromise in planning new features, improvements and fixes for upcoming updates. Caused by the sheer number of requests and many factors such as costs in implementing particular features it is obviously not possible to include all requests in the very next update.

Have great fun using Cubasis 2!


Thanks for the nice comment, greatly appreciated!