Cubasis 2 now available

Cubasis 2 runs fine on the iPad Pro 12.9 but does not provide specific screen size options.
The topic is included in our backlog but unlikely to be changed within one of the next updates.

New features/versions will be announced once updates become available.

Please give Cubasis 2 a try on the super iPad Pro 12.9 (have it in use myself).
Cubasis 2 looks and performs great in my opinon.


We monitor the market on a regular basis for future release options (including the iPhone, Android etc.).
New versions will be announced once they become available.


Thanks Lars. I’m planning to get a 12.9 iPad in a few weeks so will give it a go. Thanks to the Steinberg team for the v2 update. I particularly like the new presets.

Normally it is not required to delete previous app version to install latest updates.

We strongly suggest to run regular backups of files/projects to protect your data in case of unforseeable problems.
Cubasis offers numerous formats to do so such as iTunes File Sharing, WiFi Server, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, external hardware & wireless drives etc.

Please refer to the Mixdown chapter of the Cubasis in-app help to learn more about the available options and how to use them.


Hi Kynan1,

Thanks for your message.

Please note that we announce new features and versions once an update becomes available only.

Cubasis is driven by a very small but powerful and skilled team.

We are aware of many feature requests and evaluate those carefully on a regular basis. Also we do our best to find the best compromise in planning new features, improvements and fixes for upcoming updates. Caused by the sheer number of requests and many factors such as costs in implementing particular features it is obviously not possible to include all requests in the very next update.

Have great fun using Cubasis 2!


Thanks for the nice comment, greatly appreciated!


Many thanks, Magnum Force!

We also hope that many more app developers jump on the board in providing Audio Unit updates for their applications.
That’s why we’ve made our commitment to the format when releasing full Audio Unit support back in February 2016.

Might be worth to let your favoured app makers know about your request and expectation!


Thanks surfer, greatly appreciated!

Hi JayZen,

Hopefully you’ve been able to sort out the issue and are now ready to give Cubasis 2 a go to focus on creativity!


Very thank of new update and very thanks of cubasis team.
But Why there is no ( automation follow events ) and ( midi control support ) option for control cubasis transport options with midi devices for play stop record and mixer sliders and control too many parameters of cubasis with midi control devices, quickly,easily,
in new update ? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
Automation follow events is very very important for when we have too many automations and we need that move our events .!!! :frowning: :frowning:

And , where is the record mode icon ? I always work with this icon and i was glad that this option is jackleg ore handy . I have seen tutorial cubasis in YouTube
And I haven’t seen this icon in main window or toolbars.

Hi Pejman,

Thanks for your nice comment, we’re glad to hear you like Cubasis 2!

Realising Cubasis 2 took our fairly small team several months of hard work, including long nights and weekends. Your requests are on our list for future updates and will be carefully evaluated once ready to be rolled in.

New features will be announced once they become available.

As stated in the maintenance list, please find the recording mode options located in the tempo / signature popup. Simply tap the song tempo display to open it.


Is that a yes, no or maybe?
It’s just that I would LOVE Cubasis on my Iphone 5 SE, I have it on me all the time…

I have a very hard time visualising how Steinberg should succeed in cramming in the Cubasis GUI (or making a new usable GUI) on the small iPhone screen. It feels a bit camped on the iPad’s screen, that’s twice the since.

I may be wrong, however. Steinberg has succeeded with mission impossible before. If they do, I guess everybody will be requesting Cubasis for Watch. :wink:

Hmm. It would be helpful to know if an Android and/or Iphone version is on the horizon, at least for me. If I know an Android phone version is in the works that means I won’t have to switch to iPhone, and literally the only reason I have to switch to iPhone is Cubasis.

We carefully monitor future development options for Cubasis on other platforms also including a version for the iPhone. For now Cubasis on the iPad serves our users the most to realize their song ideas in the best and fastest possible way.

Once we have completed to port the concept to work best on smaller display sizes, you will see a release of Cubasis for other handheld devices.


I had previously been running Cubasis having installed Cubasis LE 1.9.x and then purchasing the upgrade to full Cubasis. The App Store now lets me have a free upgrade to Cubasis 2 LE, but it appears I have to pay to get Cubasis 2 full version. Surely this is not correct.

Hi AndyL,

have you tried to restore your purchases? You don’t have to buy the upgrade again.

In case it is still not working you have to contact Apple regarding this issue directly as they are in charge of all purchase related problems.


My list of purchased apps in the Apple Store doesn’t include an upgrade from Cubasis LE 1.9.9 to full LE, so I can’t restore the purchase. The icon didn’t change from Cubasis LE to Cubasis 1.9.9 full when the upgrade was applied: possibly this may be related.

At the moment, having upgraded, I have gone form a fully working version of Cubasis 1.9.9. to the restricted Cubasis LE 2, which is highly unsatisfactory since I need the features of the full version.

Have you any further comments before I contact Apple?



When I go to Cubasis in the Apps store on my iPad Air 2 running iOS 10 the Apps store says it’s version 2 and only gives me the option to open it. The version I purchased or at least the version that’s running is 1.9.9 when I open Cubasis from the Apps store link. Someone from Steinberg said it’s not normally necessary to delete the version 1 app. It looks like I might have to. Any other suggestions appreciated. Thanks very much.

Inside Cubasis LE go to the Shopping Basket select the upgrade and press restore purchase is what I think he means.