*** Cubasis 2 Season Sale ***

Hi all,

Please note that Cubasis 2 and the available in-app purchases are on season sale until January 9, 2017:

Special price for Cubasis 2 full feature set upgrade via in-app purchase, valid until January 9, 2017: € ($) 14.99 (regular price: € ($) 29.99).

Special price for FX Pack 1 and FX Pack 2 (exclusively available through in-app purchase) valid until January 9, 2017: € ($) 3.99 (regular price: € ($) 6.99).

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I already own the full version and both FX packs, how about a new FX pack with some good quality guitar amp sims and vocal processing FX?
Or better yet, add-on with full external MIDI controller support including transport and learn-mode for all controls…

Is there someone Kind of Grace Period? I just bought Cubasis2.0 from Theo App Store for 49€ like ohne week Ago.
Trank you

Hi mittichec,

App sales are handled exlusively over Apple, who does not provide appropriate solutions.
Therefore similar to other app vendors we’re not able to offer grace periods or similar in that area.


On Jan 8th showing as $38.99 AUD in Aussie App Store :frowning: