Cubasis 2 vs LE IAP?


I’m new to making music on the iPad and have seen loads of recommendations for Cubasis. I know many people feel “more is better” when it comes to apps and encourage getting any and every apps available. However, I’m wanting to keep things simple and go with one app that will do most everything. Then I can learn it inside and out and not be switching back and forth all the time. Given that Cubasis seems to have the best mix of ease of use and robust features, I’m considering going with it for my main digital music app.

My question is in regards to the best way of purchasing it. It’s my understanding that whether purchasing it outright for $24.99 or as an upgrade in Cubasis LE for $14.99 the end result is the same - albeit with the Cubasis LE icon as a limitation in the Apple App Store doesn’t allow that icon to change to full Cubasis. However, I’m wondering if there are other limitations that I will find down the road with potential upgrades, additional IAPs, etc if I go with the Cubasis LE upgrade vs purchasing Cubasis 2 outright. Can anyone please confirm this one way or the other? Is there really a $10 savings by going with the IAP upgrade of Cubasis LE or will I find myself restricted somehow down the road?

Thanks so much! Looking forward to getting started with Cubasis!! :slight_smile:

Hi lifereinspired,

The full feature set IAP available in Cubasis LE upgrades Cubasis LE to the same features of Cubasis.
However app name and icon will remain Cubasis LE.