Cubasis 3.0.1 Issues/ Bugs report

Hi there’s, I have some bugs with FlyTape plugin on automation. There’s no effects after freezing or mix down! Here’s for some video I’ll show you!

Don’t tell me you must report to FlyTape app developer again. Here’s what they’ve said…

But I don’t know. I just want to the apps that what I have is working on my iPhone 6s Plus iOS 13.3.1

Here’s for the other bugs on Cubasis 3.0.1 what I have…
The audio track after freeze inside the group track become louder or distorted. It’s really different if you hear with freezing the track on outside the group track!
Please check this out;

Here’s, what I have for the other bugs on Cubasis 3.0.1

For some reason, I think it’s little problems for me… coz if you can hear and look more closely there’s any some bugs (:thinking:). The audio track in after freezing it’s not perfectly match with the original audio track!

*i don’t know how to say (my bad English) but you can look on the video ;

Hi Andi_lofly,

Thank you for your private messages.

Below please find the bug description I’ve summed up from your report and entered into our bugbase.

Best wishes,

CBT-1463 Deleting group track leads to track routing issues


Detailed steps

  • Create three MIDI tracks and record a few beats to all of them
  • Create a group track and assign these three tracks to it
  • Add a reverb effect to the group tracks’ insert channel
  • Delete group track


  • Snare drum track (track 1) is no longer audible
  • WA: Go to “mixer”, tap in routing window, re-select output 1/2 in “Stereo Outputs” popup

Thanks lars! You good. And yes that’s one of my problems too…

And we have to use freeze when a track contains a Inter-App because your limited to one instance, btw, i have no choice but to use the freeze feature because i cant duplicate a channel with its fx and settings.

Hi GavrielRafael,

Please note that Apple’s Inter-App Audio comes with many limitations, including being limited to one instance.

A while ago we’ve summed up all of this in a dedicated Limitations of Inter-App Audio article. Furthermore, Apple came up with Audio Units, which can be seen as the successor of the IAA format (which is planned to be discontinued by Apple).

Cubasis comes with a duplicate function, to create an exact copy of a track including all of its settings.
However this will not help in the case of using Apple’s Inter-App Audio, which comes with its single instance limitation.

Give the feature a try with our own instruments/effects, or use an Audio Unit plug-in instead.
And please let app vendors know, that you want to see their plug-in to be released as an Audio Unit app!

Best wishes,